Trae The Truth Talks RELIEF GANG, NEW MUISC, his HISTORY with Slim Thug and more EP 90

The Connect sits down with Trae the Truth. β–» For everything BossLife: β–» The Blog: β–» Instagram: …


  1. Salute to my boy slim thug I follow blueprint him and Nipsey made with there clothing line I try and do it with mine and Trae the Truth is solid God always going to walk with you bro cuz you not selfish and love giving back I'm for helping kids also

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  3. Trae the truthπŸ‘ not quite not what I expected when I got off of work i ran into him on 6th Street. him being a celebrity I thought he would be acting like takishi 6.9 bodyguards protecting him. Lol jk Trae was cool down to Earth. got to snap a pic with him. πŸ’―

    If any of y'all happen to be passing through Austin, Texas stop by Round Rock donuts 🍩 in Round Rock.Tx

  4. Very good episode! I'm glad that I watched it, got some insight to more than the music. Houston Texans has had so much influence in hip hop. Glad to see the positive vibes! Then culture has been imitated by so many people. Hopefully doing something that is positive get copied also!

  5. people keep talkin this ro and trae shit but ro explained why they are not coming together they still respect each other but they on they own shit …… respect to all

  6. Man when you been around& watch these dudes grow to the levels that they have grown& to know they going πŸ‘† with all the positiveness& helping any community RESPECT them dudes they getting they city right, much love! KEEP HOLDING

  7. Trae is right tho at 20:15.. a lot of mfs don’t know that South Park Mexican was one of the first rap artist in Houston to try and put trae’s music out there. SPM is definitely a legend people can’t overlook

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