1. Spliffs are made because it saves weed. It's hard to get sometimes and can be expensive. Adding tobacco makes you still get high but your able to only use 0.5 grams. We do still roll pureys tho. Just not as much

  2. Gabapentin made me feel hazy in lala land same with Lyrica. I'd just take some percs but nowadays good luck getting a script. Doctors treat Tylenol 3 like it's heroin nowadays.

  3. I had this disease too but could heal it with taking a very high dose of magnesium and also magnesium gel directly on face before going to bed. This and taking a tincture of fullspectrum CBD, turmeric and piperin under the tounge and on the forehead.

  4. Dude if you were gonna tape weed to your nuts this is how I would do it. Fill up a good quality Ziploc bag with weed. Then, get a smaller ziplock bag and put that inside it. That's your testicle canoe. So then use tape or rubber band to attach it to your bean bag. You could also make a toroidal ring of weed and have that ring encircle your nuts. You'd probably want to keep warm and keep relaxed to keep them swinging low. Just some thoughts

  5. Suicide Disease!!! Interesting. That's a good relation to use. I have Crohn's disease & the suffering is so bad & no relief at all. Physical suffering will drive you to suicide way more than some girl,losing a job,etc.

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