Try THIS To Quit Smoking Cigarettes! Blu Review

As I continue my journey to stay cigarette-free, I’ve turned to vaping. In my last video, I was trying the JUUL. Now, I’ve moved on to a product that seems to cater …


  1. Hi Mickey I also have a myBlu device and I can tell that the pods are leaking. It’s have been like 2 months now that I haven’t noticed any leaks. They might have worked with that issue. Also I have been watching your videos and I want to tell keep the hard work.

  2. If you have a bottle of vape juice even if you dont you can go by a huge bottle since you want zero nic get zero nic and you can take off the bottom of the my blue pod and fill it up with vape juice and reuse the pod so yeah

  3. Cynical Mikey If you want a satisfying throat hit and a lot of smoke you should go to a e cig store. There are plenty of smaller e cigs that give a throat hit and lots of smoke. Vape shops are very familiar with their products and can recommend a good vape e-cig. Good luck!

  4. I discovered vaping in 2009. Back then they were still new and e juice would leak into my mouth when I used it. I quit smoking for 11 days and went back to cigarettes. I started smoking when I was 15 years old and I always said I would stop when I was 40 years old. So, about a week before my 41st birthday, I stopped smoking cold turkey, no nicotine what so ever.

    After 2 years of not smoking or using any tobacco, I still missed the action of smoking. The "hand to mouth" puffing and Smoking after eating etc. It has been my experience that nicotine is not what is hard to stop. It is the action of smoking that kept me addicted and many others agree with that. So in 2012 I went to a vape shop and saw how much better e-cigs where. I could also buy e-juice with no nicotine.

    So, I started vaping and the desire for the action of smoking was satisfied. My father, who has COPD could not completely stop after years of trying to quit. He saw me vaping and asked me a lot of questions. One day he was in a convenience store and bought a blu e-cig. He said he took 1 draw of the e-cig and he immediately realized that he could stop smoking. That was in 2012 and he has never smoked another cigarette. Same here, I just turned 50 and dont even like the smell of a cigarette. I use a Joytech refillable and it fits in my pocket just fine. I by e-juice from a e-cig shop I have been going to for 7 years. I can by a 50ml bottle for 7 dollars so averaging the cost of a replacement coil, it cost me about 10 dollars a month to vape..

  5. And stop using 20 and 24 nic use 50 its way stronger and way better this is coming from a 15 yr old vapor so obviously very qualified to give this information

  6. The problem WITH your pod leaking IS
    IT WILL Short out your blu
    If you're NOT using the machine,
    Take the pod out.
    Also just keep checking the connectors 2 see that they're NOT getting ANY liquid on them
    IF there IS,
    Clean out the liquid (juice)
    With Alcohol and QTips!
    1 to wipe
    The other 2 dry!

  7. Hi it's ME AGAIN
    I saw What happened with the cream flavor dying,
    It could be THAT the cotton at the top got flooded or full,
    Watch the video about refilling your pod & it'll show u HOW 2 TAKE OUT The 2 Cotton pads & HOW 2 CLEAN & REPLACE THEM!

  8. Hi it's me again,
    I just saw abit more of your video about the amount of Nicotine in the JUUL product pods.
    If you are wanting a Higher degree of Nicotine,
    There is a weird term of Nicotine
    It's named Salt
    U can get various degrees of Nicotine percentage at your E.cig Store OR
    As we call it in Canada
    The Vape Store!
    Also here,
    We have 0% Nic
    Best of Luck again!
    Let's see If i can get through your Video BE4 I Drive u crazy WITH
    MY INFO-Soft Giggle-

  9. Hi
    I watched your Video about quitting SMOKING & Juul product
    I don't know IF this bit of info will help u AT ALL B•U•T
    The cartridges ARE Refillable!!
    U just have 2 watch the video 2 learn HOW 2 do that!!
    (Yes there IS a video FOR EVERYTHING)-Warm Smile-
    Btw- I don't know WHERE you're From BUT in Montreal, if u go into ProviSoire (corner store here)
    U CAN find ANTI-TOBACCO "cigarettes"
    Here's Hoping THAT this bit of info
    Helps you ON YOUR JOURNEY!!
    ALSO In case u didn't know but,
    There are 2 types of tobacco juuls
    There is American & Canadian!!
    IF you're American?
    The Canadian Tobacco Version WILL taste COMPLETELY Bizarre to you
    Vice Versa!!
    As I've said earlier,

  10. I just switched to the myblu and I love it, the juice last me all week puffing on it 8 hours a day and the hits are bigger then the juul! Thanks for this video and bringing this product to my attention! With a first time sign up I got the starter kit for $3.15

  11. How is that working out for you? Almost bought a juul today. I really want to quit. How many pods do you go through. I smoke a little less than a pack a day. Thanks for your video!

  12. Finally someone who feels the same as me, I want to switch to vaping over cigs but damn I’m not looking for all these crazy flavors, I just want something that taste like a normal cig, I’ve got a juul now but it’s been hard to get consistent with it and the hits are small or they burn so I’m looking for something else, thanks for the video I’ll probably be making a switch!

  13. Blu is the worst ecigg i have tried. The pods leaked out and kept needing to be cleaned, they burned and tasted terrible, and their customer service is as bad as juul.

    There are vapes better than both juul and blu that you can refill yourself.

  14. I tried various refillable pod systems in search of one that doesn't leak. The Caliburn pods/device is the way to go. Virtually leak proof. Try it…you wont be dissappointed. Also, get a nic salt juice of 2.5% ***Smooth***

  15. I'm considering trying the Blu, but I personally do love the Juul. I can hold it between my fingers or lips just like a cigarette, and the Virginia tobacco (usually) tastes great, imo. The only drawback is the price of the pods.

  16. Your paying over twice the price for the convenience store brands instesd of shoping for a mod set up, its much cheaper in the long run and much more enjoyable. I pay 60 dollars or so a month for my liquid and 20 dollars every 2 months for a pack of coils. Stop being lazy, $ is the number 2 reason to quit cigs behind the health benefit reasons.

  17. Still vaping with your Blu? With all the recent news about people getting sick with collapsed lungs and even dying due to vaping, are you concerned about possible health risks? Are you cutting back?

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