TRYING CBD OIL FOR THE FIRST TIME | EPILEPSY Aurora tries CBD oil for the first time. We really hope it helps with her epilepsy and that she will have less …


  1. Try giving two drops on the inner lip on bottom and massage it in at the start of a seizure as well as daily prevention . After a while you will notice that she can calm down enough for attention span and memory . Great job ! I am a parent of a girl (21) and full time caregiver of her . We started using Medical CBD 1000 mg . And it brings her out of the onset of her seizures , and way less recovery time .

  2. My older sister has epilepsy and she's 18 and still has seizures they have her on multiple medications and it's not to long ago that I seen on of her episodes they are scary and my family knows what y'all are going through and I'll be praying for Aurora.

  3. Hello Chrystal. My nephew has seizures as well. He is on five different seizure medications plus has madazilan and diastat for back up. He has been doing on the Keto diet for several years now which has helped with his seizures a lot. We want to try to not only lower his medication intake but also hopefully take him off at least half his medication. We have heard about the CBD oil but are afraid to use it. Do you recommend us trying it. I greatly appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  4. Hi Aaron and Crystal, do you have updates of Aurora's condition since she started on CBD oil for her epilepsy?…. She looks improving in most of your latest videos….

  5. hey crystal what dosage is aurora on and what meds is she taking my son takes carbamazepine tegratol and on 10 ml tablet form twice a day quite a high dose for a 6 yr old. he doesn't settle well in school cos he associates his seizures with school and he doesn't like being around people since his meds got put up a few months back he gradually goes to school for 2 hours a day I hope that she can get her focus im watching closely to see if cbd oil works or not so it may be the next step for me to take. thank you for being such an awesome family

  6. I have been watching all of your videos about seizures lately. Our son has had 2 in less than a year that lasted 7-8 minutes. While they were both accompanied by illness, the neurologist is concerned about the length and whether it is caused by a seizure disorder. Your videos have been so helpful, we are ordering the Embrace 2 watch since his last seizure was before we got up for the day.

  7. Hi Crystal. My name is Sindy. I found your channel about a month ago. Im hooked. Lol. 😂 i just wanted to tell you im so happy you decide to try CBD for Aurora. I use it. I have muscle spasms in my neck , back and shoulders. Some times i fell like i have whiplash. My husband rubs it on my skin and gives me a massage before bed. When i wake up in the morning 80% of the pain is gone😃. It helps with lots of stuff. I hope its a blessing in her life. Thank you for you channel. I got my husband watching with me now. The first one i watched was Alex eaking up from surgery and said something about being a "real boy". I just died laughing. Tell Alex because of that video i was hooked. Lol. 😂😂😂

  8. Hello Crystal what a wonderful mom you are ..i use cbd oil for people as a quick use for a quick ptsd helper and my dog use the pet form for epilesy my ive been using it for 5 months my dog Eli hasnt had a siezure in 5 months …for me it helps me focus on my family's needs …trauma is toughest thing to live with for me.. So cbd oil has its many uses ..i cant wait to hear the good stuff about it fot your baby girl aurora.. Side effect : focusing better and happiness may smile and giggle

  9. Conf oil kills your brain cells because it's all made of weed and that doesn't help Epilepsy only brain surgery helps/ cures it. Trust me in I had the surgery when i was her age and been Epilepsy seizure free.

  10. I noticed you mentioned that the 'stanger danger' issues coincide with her recent meds changes which I'm presuming were at a time where she saw more medical professionals.

    Usually as kids we are introduced to people and spend some time with them before having to rely or trust them. For Aurora and other kids with health problems however, she's being taught to immediately trust strangers (the medical professionals) at her most vunerable states e.g. when she's been taken to hospital due to seizures.

    Obviously that's the right thing to do as it's more important you help encourage her to relax and trust doctors and nurses quickly but that probably also contributes to her openess and trust of other strangers. It's become normal for her to allow strangers into her life quickly and intimately.

    I'm time you'll probably be able to teach her more easily the boundaries between general strangers and 'medical' strangers but at her age I'd say it's completely understandable that she is generally more open. She's been through a lot and had to let lots of 'strange people' such as doctors, nurses and EMTs check her over.

    Regardless she's a lovely kid and her experiences will probably mean she will go on to be an even more outgoing and social kid.

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