1. I have to say this, if Bernie dosen't win. Then Tulsi runs again I may just vote for her. I expect we wont see anything good in 2024 if Bernie doesn't win. Tulsi has at least shown some back bone and some good.

    Time being #Bernie2020 the only way to vote

  2. Tulsi will have to prove that actual harm has come as a direct result of Hilary's words. Fairly hard to prove in court. However, it's very important to push back against the powerful. We cannot allow them to keep running roughshod of the already downtrodden. Tulsi, as always, is making a stand; I'm with HER.

  3. I can't think of another living person that I despise more than Hillary Rotten Cliton. Tulsi is absolutely right about her. When Hillary dies we should have a parade and sing ding dong the witch is dead. I know I will be dancing in the street! It's pretty bad when having Trump for president is like dodging a bullet.

  4. In the mid '80's we had like 50 media corps. Now, five. I haven't watched cable news for almost three years. I don't miss it. Have any of the channels reported that the OPCW lied about the chemical weapons in Syria? No. In fact once in awhile, my wife will be watching it and they are still reporting about the two chlorine canisters that were supposedly dropped. One being on a bed.

  5. Whatever happened to the Tulsi lawsuit against Google/Youtube?

    I agree with Tulis' premise, but this is more pandering. Kind of like needing the announcement of an investigation rather than having a real investigation.

    Tulsi is a better choice than any DNC establishment candidate, but not exactly what she represents herself to be. Perhaps when she calls out her pal Modi for ethnic cleansing, then I'll take her seriously.

  6. Your are SERIOUSLY mistaken! The Hill is NOT PROGRESSIVE! Krystal Ball on the show Rising, on The Hill is progressive! Saagar is mega conservative. The Hill is pure establishment! You should check out their tweets and look at the other videos they put out, outside of “Rising” and you’ll see what it is!

  7. and…Tom Perez is a known pedophile (Look it up) Linkun Parks lead singer, Chester Bennington, who killed himself, was Perez "rape" child. Remember the saying "Everything is connected."

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