TVJ Midday News Today: Peter Bunting Commenting on SOE – July 8 2019

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  1. putting politics one side , mr . bunting is right , the state of emergency is now nothing but a state of joke . my friend got robbed at the stop light in inswood st. catherine , just a stone throw away from the JDFcheckpoint , the gunman then rode right past them on the stolen bike , with the gun in his waist , no attempt was made to stop him , as all the personel who were supposed to be on duty , were busy taking a brake under the tree , a lady was robbed on johns rd. within earshot reach of the checkpoint there . a car load of gunmen drove past the same checkpoint on johns rd . and shot and killed a man not far away from them , a couple was trailed by gunmen armed with m16s all the way from portmore and robbed in the dovecot area . the criminals drove past the checkpoint twice in one night . incidentaly , the robbery in inswood occured at 4pm in the evening . the gunman also passed the inswood checkpoint twice in one evening . to top it all the entrance and exit to the toll roads in and out of spanish town are without checkpoints since early last year , so all who want to transport anything illegal without the possibility of a search , just need to drive on the toll rd. in addition to all this , another of my friend have been traveling to and from montego bay past all the checkpoints since the last two weeks , he has a licensed gun , and he told me , he has never been stopped or searched . what a joke . kmt .

  2. Peter Bunting should stand down with his criticism of the government. Peter is in political mode and dirty water is over his head as it relates to crime and security! Stand with and defend the government crime-fighting efforts for the good of the country!

  3. How comes authorities do not know who are selling the guns so they can nip the gun trade in the bud?
    The US had a major gun bust in Florida in 2017 and all the the focus was on was who it was sent to. Anyone can screw up someone by sending gun to to that person. Focus was not on the purchaser in the US and nobody in the US will go to jail for breaking such law.

  4. Thats all them doing is slaving Jamaican people and taking the money out the country and not investing in the country back. and the government of Jamaica need to stop those kinds of thing and let foriegn who own companies in Jamaica need to invest back in Jamaica……

  5. Bunting need to shut up!! Does he think that Jamaican still have short memory!? Well some of the stupid making comments are!! At least this Government is trying!! Bunting and the PNP need to shut up because Bunting show his hands in the air in desperation and talk about divine intervention!!! Shut up Bunting!! Just shut up!!!

  6. Sticky plaster on gaping wound is no use,SOE 90% of the Country,wishful thinking.Where's the real plan to reduce violent crime or are people at the top benefiting from violent crime.Starting from the top,sack certain curropt police man.

  7. Monteque Jamaica could have had all those nice things in other countries. Too much Criminals in high places. Do the addition of all the Money we have heard about that have been Robbed my Ministers. Plus the money we don't hear about.

  8. I waa surprised that they didnt add a transit only lane for buses and taxis whike doung the mandela project…i believe our politicians need to go out into the world and learn more about the updated ways of efficient governance…..look at trinidad whi we compete against more than any other country in the world…they have had a dedicated transit road that brings peiple from the rural areas into port of spain for decades ……thats vision right there…and our politicians are still asleep at the wheel……i swear a thing as simple as people movement and in this day and age they havent seen that vision….very dissapointing espacially to a jamaican living out of jamaica and knowing what need to be done to make the country better

  9. Crime in Jamaica is the concern of every Jamaican including " former security minister Peter Bunting" .
    Peter Bunting as security minister recognised and understood crime "the MONSTER," he was dealing with. He was not "NAIVE" , so to EMPHASIZE the SERIOUSNESS of it ; he said JAMAICA NEEDED DIVINE INTERVENTION to HELP TACKLE IT. What was wrong with that?.Can't we as a nation rid ourselves of the JLP/ PNP SYNDROME ? Don't we over the years realise that everyone has a solution when someone else is wearing the shoes? Peter is no longer wearing that shoes he passed it over to this administration who thought they could do a better job. However, they are learning the hard way; how difficult crime solving in Jamaica is. Saying this to say that, we all NEED the killings and robbery to stop so at this point it is not about who said what in the past ; it is about what can be done NOW to curtail it.

  10. peter bunting the crime that Jamaica facing right now did not started yesterday, yesterday, it escalated out of hand under you PNP Government, you peter was there as security minister talking about divine intervention , you can fix the crime problem now so why you did not fix it then, you and you PNP crew or a set of hypocritical asshole , and cant even fix one shit you all major achievement is corruption

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