Waka Flocka Hires A Weed Roller for $50K | Jobs Unlisted

Speedy Morman takes viewers on an in-depth look at some of the most aspirational and unexpectedly cool professions that you probably won’t stumble upon in …


  1. I mean why these weed shops so fucking overkill. Back in the days you bought whatever shit you plug had and just smoked it. Nowadays people want like fucken strawberry taste ok fucking weed. In that case just vape and get whatever taste y’all want

  2. High hemp are by far my favorite wraps! I have perfected those for my daily!!! Such a great product and keeps that actual tobacco feel and pull. Smooth tasty and kind of harsh on certain flavors depending. But they make for great cannons to roll!

  3. Really this kid talking about gentrification of blunt raps…. and it’s like he thought because of the girls skin color she would b like oh yeah hahah fuck whitey the host whiter and probly family better off than most

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