1. Right mindset..sometimes in the "wrong" mindset the fungus makes you face the demons you have buried within your psyche. Cleanses your soul. In the "right" mindset you feel connected to the universe and to the biosphere. Both good experiences.

  2. i like hearing and seeing you guys smoking and hitting pipes or bongs or vapes. its like chillen with friends in the same room.
    i was watching some old shows and you guys have cleaned up the show a lot, hardly any smoking or talking about the different things your smoking on. i tune in to remo just to watch him smoke so no problems watching you guys blaze it up and share and show whats in yrr jarrrrs lol

  3. Prohibition is prohibition! PERIOD. You are not the only ones to deal with that. There are many states north that deal with it as well, and there cop bullshit. To hear this ignorance is an insult to the cannabis community.

  4. Honestly? I don't think its scotty that's turning me off the show. Him and Guru seem like they are doing this from their heart. Its dude trying to cram so much marketing down my throat between cutting off scotty to talk about friends of the dgc (corporate sponsors) and pimping patreon every 2 seconds. He also seems to act like he thinks he is above other people on the show. Just my 2 cents and I know this will get some hate but this is how I've been feeling since they started patreon (the superiority thing was going on before). I truly loved this show and was a supporter at $10 a month for around 6 months but I have no want to support going forward. Thanks for the info, and I hope to return at some point.

  5. Hey guys I live 15min outside Medicine Hat and been growing for 3 years with Awsome results thanks to the show, just wanted to let scotty know that we are the Florida of Canada… With snow lol sometimes.
    Was cool hearing stuff about my local area. We are known to have the most sunlight hrs per year in all of Canada and am going to try my hand at outdoor this year when I build my greenhouse 20 feet long 10 wide and am open to any suggestions for fast flowering strains indica or satieva or 1 of each that will be most likely smoked as joints. Always love the show even when scotty is coughing or puffing… Keep it REAL and much love keep it up and hopefully if spring works out for me I can start supporting the show!!!

  6. I'm in southern Louisiana and I walk around smoking right along with everyone else and no one is hardly ever getting tickets much less going to jail. I'm not buying all this fear mongering that goes on on this pod cast.

  7. And I'm a Canadian I'm personally glad that that facility has been postponed… The price of legal weed here in Canada is unbelievable… Weed has been legal for over a year maybe two.. and I haven't bought one gram from a legal dispensary…

  8. Lol man I must be different from y'all … Yes well I'm high on mushrooms I have that introspective trip and I'm able to see myself in different ways… But !!!!! When it's over I'm back to normal…

  9. Good discussion, thanks for the Southern perspective – yeah it sux down here. I constantly rattle my congressmans cage – no impact detected, He takes campaign money from the for profit prison company. We have a bill under consideration now to "legalize" medical weed – their version of legalization involves a super high level of regulation and no home grown. It's enough to make a polite southerner curse. There, I vented, thank you!

  10. Sh!t never got the normal 30 prior alert or anything.

    Am I only the only 1 to like to watch the show twice? Once with the trying to hang in the live chat (zero knowledge just try to absorb what I can). Then again later to catch up on everything I missed the 1st time lol.

    Till the next show DGC, have fun, be SAFE!

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