Wake & Bake America 965: REM Sleep, Plant Communication, Employee Drug Testing & The MLB & Weed

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  1. According to the experts you don't get much REM sleep at all if you use cannabis (also many other drugs) the day prior. Apparently it's better to go heavy some days and abstain on others. Just having a single puff a day is enough to screw your tolerance up. 2 days off equates to 80% of CB receptors normalizing. This has helped me greatly as I knew I could never take a couple weeks off so I wouldn't even bother taking a single day off (most years lol).

  2. DUDE! 7$ for 100mg is still expensive. + 250 mg of rosin is obtainable from a single gram squish. Costs a grower around a dollar. You should definitely just buy a dehydrator and make rick simpson oil for mad cheap Scotty! no temperature BS necessary.

  3. I've been monitoring my sleep patterns for the past year with a Garman watch. I am a heavy smoker; dab from morning until night. I normally have about an hour of deep sleep each night. When I quit cannabis for a few days, I have no deep sleep at all until I resume smoking. I am 3 days into abstinance trying to get my system cleaned out before being sedated for surgery in about 10 days.

  4. Hearing the name StonedTroutBum always make me think of Captain Beefheart's seminal album and godawful earache "Trout Mask Replica" and the great American author/book "Trout Fishing in America" by Richard Brautigan.
    I doubt either reference will land with anyone; but I still recommend the latter. Beefheart really hurts. Definitely not for your next mushroom session!

  5. Jesus scotty when you interview and ask a question let the man talk. You constantly interrupt who your interviewing and go off on some tangent. He barely got an chance to answer before your blasting off about something else. Just an observation. Love the show

  6. Want CO2 without fuss in potted plants? Use a media with micorrhizae or add it to your soil then make a mixture of 60% blackstrap molasses / 40% water and feed at the same rate as the bloom portion of your 3 part synthetic. The mycelium eat the sugar in the molasses and give off CO2 in the process, it also boosts the micorrhizal function by giving them food to grow which also, in turn, makes more food available to the roots of the plant. If you start this regimen in the middle of the bloom cycle, you may notice a pungent odor, this is the fermentation gases, primarily co2 being given off by the mycelium.

  7. Hey Scotty my old man used to tell me always looked blowed in any picture I take thats used as an ID. That way when I needed to show it, and I was blowed, they might not notice as much haha. He was a wise man..

  8. If you guys made the show to break the stoner stereotype and the get people knowledge so everyone can grow… Then why is the best information behind a paywall ? Just a question No hate .. I mean I was fine not being a part of all the giveaways and drawers but definitely feels like the YouTube audience is 2nd class… Ya no

  9. 20k for a cutting? No way. Greed and weed is like oil and water. No way should anyone pay 20k for a cutting. If i got my hands a 20k clone, I'd mother her out and give away as many clones as i could. 25 bucks is a good price for a clone. I'd love to have my clones spread coast to coast for nothing.

  10. I can validate the sleep. I had 3 year off weed because of work a couple years ago and i was waking up sweating most nights and having nightmares. This lasted for 6 month or so and then after that my dreams were just crazy and that never went away.. I'm dreading going back, got a 6 month stint up coming soon 😓😓😓🤔🍻🍻🍻

  11. REM = that part of the sleep cycle when you can sort of remember the machine elves downloading experiences and uploading new programming. I think that should be obvious?

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