Watering Weed, Cannabis Grow Tips week 2 of Veg Greenhouse Update

hey everyone thanks for joining me once again it is Austin angler with another grow update we have a green house full of plants and we are going to show you …


  1. Couldn't tell if you are double walls on the greenhouse. But if you make a 6 inch air gap from double poly. And put a 8 inch inline fan inside your greenhouse Blowing into the gap on one end and having a 6-8 inch outlet going INTO the greenhouse. You'll get an extra 6-8 r factor of insulation. That could be an extra 6-12 degrees of night heat?😎🤙🦅🌱❤

  2. Looking very good I’m at the end of my season I’m soo happy to see beautiful new plants with new growth it’s all beautiful there’s dead ones and the better ones keep growing !!!

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