Weed vs Hash

Weed vs Hash – discussion on Cannabis , Concentrate , Shatter and Hash . Plus how hash is made and where it comes from , how high you get , if you should …


  1. You should try roasting some tobacco and mix it with the hash. I personally use the ratio 2:1 on my hashish. 0.5g tobacco with 0.25g hashish. Especially good on joint and chillum, although you need a slightly lower ratio in chillum.

  2. Sorry I find hash too strong. I like weed for the mellow hit that I am able to control. Some hash just blows my head off and I don’t like it.

  3. I don’t “fly high” after a couple hits of hash. My tolerance is veryyyyy high but even back when I first started and tried hash for me it’s more of a mellow high not too strong. Still love my hash tho as far as flavour and mellowness goes

  4. I just cheesed my cat last drop of urin🙀. Im trpping balls now… No im lying, i was really only smoking some Norwegian imported hash from Marroco. Beats the hell out of the nightmare prosses
    stropping the cat fast to the hypno-cat-screenDevice for only one spoonfull.

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