Week 8 Flowering outdoor cannabis Grow When to Harvest and How to Tell When it's Ready

outdoorgrow #cannabis #garden When to Harvest is very important as you want to look at the buds and make sure you get the best of your outdoor grow.


  1. I would love a little advice on growing in the tropics. Where I live it's hot every day of the year, 80 to high 90s during the day and low 70s to low 80s at night. We have 12 hours daylight and 12 hours dark every day of the year. Have a plant on my patio. Not very big but it's got a lot of little buds.

  2. buddy if you grow, even, hemp like that you'll get insect frass all over your buds. and we all know your hemp isnt being converted into jeans and bio-fuel, it's being sold to some poor sucker who is too afraid to smoke real weed.

  3. Ooowwweee Operations! Talk about a Mary Field! Whoa! Thanks for Sharing and Caring! Love your Grow! I subbed ya Brother! Take care and Much Love! Congrats!πŸ’―πŸŒ²πŸŽ†πŸ»πŸ˜ŠβœŠπŸ‘βœŒ

  4. Do you have any amendment plan for your soil? I want to specialize in helping people grow organically buy building rich living soil full of beneficial microbes and insects as well as companion planting cover crops

  5. Wow Bro I m From India I m 1 of ur subscriber nd This much weed i haven't seen in my life In India we Get low quality weed i also grow weed but I m a beginner i have 4 plant and I love ur videos. kep it up we all support uuu

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