1. You should do a video of when you should turn your lights up and down during flower. If I'm not mistaken increase of light causes more Trichome production but eventually during flower you want to turn the lights down. I personally don't know for sure and would love to learn more about it. Hashtag still learning

  2. Was waiting for you to say the 'S' word. Once they get to that point, proper dry and cure will bring out your flavorful harvest.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nobody understands that growing for rosin and growing for buds aka smokable flower are two different things. I agree, I would just flush the soil just to get the nutes out of the soil not the plant, That starts senescence Everything you said 100% accurate. I never understood why people think the flush takes nutes out of the plant. This is the info people need!

  4. I don't know about a bad taste without flushing, but a chemical taste without flushing I can understand; it isn't necessarily a bad taste, but most certainly an undesirable one. The difference between chemical taste and non-chemical flavor has always seemed prevalent to me after a good weeks flush.

  5. I usually taste the sap that oozes out of the leaf to know when it's been truly flushed. It should taste like water with no chalky yucky chem taste. Not sure if that's in line with your theory.

  6. This was a fantastic video for me..thank you so much..you explained a very complex process so an idiot like me can understand what happens during synopsis..so why even flush..

  7. How long should I veg my plants or how tall should they be before I throw them into bloom also I have never pH my water cuz I don't have the stuff to do that but I used to but I have already had a grow and it turned out okay

  8. I feel u on the flush myth I have done organic and chemical grows and side by side one plant flushed the other not. There was absolutely no difference or harshness between them. Same strain FYI. I know I will probably get picked apart but this is my experience and opinion. Like and subbed bruda respect ✊

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