1. You can also get an infection in your blood from the cut, it can get stuck in your back. If gone untreated, it can burst and it’s called a septic embolism. It travels down your arms and legs. You have no choice but to have your arms and legs amputated; you would be a torso. Or you can choose to die; your body slowly mummifies. I know this because I know people that have had it, and/or died from it. 20 year olds are having open heart surgeries to get their valves replaced where I am. These two things are an epidemic in West Virginia

  2. About 18 Years clean now. Wait i am 18 Years old and never used drugs. Not even Smoking normal cigarets. I am fat because sugar is bad as well, but i started loosing weight a few month ago.

  3. So after millions of deaths in the world caused in the world …. it seems that for somebody it is not profitable to study and develop a drug based on Abegain or however you spell it. In Cre Dible. No words.

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