What Happened To Drug Dealers Where Marijuana Was Legalized (r/AskReddit)

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  1. illegal place: fake friends to get weed/laid. legal place:fake friends to get laid. i theorize the biggest opponents to legalization are social outcasts/mouth breathers/neckbeards/etc. whom thrive in the fake social climate of prohibition ie forced socializing is there drug. the way the one dealer talked about his clients and how there a family is sad. there clients are only using him for weed. now we need to legalize prostitution to solve the sexual fake social systems. woman tend to be the biggest group against this. i wonder why???

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  3. The guy talking about Canadian weed prices being cheaper is lying lol it's about the same price as it is in the states. $60+tax for an 1/8th of 20% THC meanwhile I pay the normal $200/oz for 22%+ (I know it could be cheaper but I have quality shit delivered to me from 9am-10pm 7 days a week)

  4. What, you mean making it legal to sell and use decreases and destroys the black market? Crime decreases? The jails aren't as flooded? Wow. Amazing. If only we'd had something in history that would have warned us. SOMETHING! I mean you'd think there would be something, maybe in the specific area of 1920-1933 in American history. Good thing we'll know for next time.

    Seriously, politicians that still support keeping it illegal need the hose. The ones that want to legalize it but regulate the ever loving hell of it still get to be squirted by water bottles.

  5. 9:18 The sticker says "Shoot your local heroin dealer." It does NOT say "Shoot your local heroin addict."

    Blame big pharma all you want, and there is plenty of blame to be placed on them. But all that and the disease aside: You were an enabler. Calling people who have that sticker ignorant because it makes you uncomfortable is quite pathetic.

  6. The second post is wrong, it's been legal since last October. It is stupid expensive. Cost $68 for an eighth of high grade, average price is about $40. Shatter is $40/gm. It's way too much, and the correct answer to the question is really 'not at all' because people stick with there steady guy especially if some heavily regulated new guy comes on the scene with far more expensive and much drier weed

  7. As a Canadian… Fuck this Canadian at 3:32, "here in Canada, the legal dispensaries are undercutting the dealers by a large amount… It's legal in 10 days here but we have been able to buy it online for a while" anyone read what's wrong here?

    yeah you can buy online and it's cheaper but it's only cheaper if you order online from black market businesses that advertise on weedmaps (legal ones are also on there now). Unlike the US our drug enforcement isn't as robust, so our online domestic market has been able to flourish, this is what's he's talking about. In Canada we have taxed weed, if you're in buttfuck no where East coast, yes maybe a legal dispensary is cheaper but if you're in a decently populated area (Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia) enjoy playing 10+$ a gram.

    Tldr. Virgin Reddit user doesn't understand legal vs. black market weed, praises legal weed for undercutting local dealers, as apposed to larger black market dealers that branded themselves, went online, and made bank shipping weed thru Canada Post or thru at home delivery.

  8. I live in Washington so getting bud oil edibles or anything kush related is really easy since there’s a dispo every corner you turn so the dealers I know off just sell very potent edibles and fat pre rolls using back woods or any kind of wrap ya want

  9. Guy at 10:24 is a massive narcissist. Took to a thread asking about marijuana legalization an decided to weave this giant tale about how "addicts are people too" and "here's my journey to sobriety." Dude, no one cares. You said it yourself you sold drugs to people who then died, split up families, etc., you're not a good person.

    The human mind is capable of all kinds of mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they're not evil. That dude is a good example.

  10. Colorado here. Friends older brother hooked us up with Marijuana, Alcohol and smokes back when I was14. Pot was legalized when I was 23.

    I had already gotten over drinking by 19 and never smoked or did marijuana or shrooms and he never had a criminal record so he opened up his own dispensary then his wife and two sisters helped open two more. He currently employs 19 ppl at 3 locations.

    So it did him well.

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