1. Bloody bongs mate. They'll get ya haha.
    I will be releasing the final part of this weed series in the near future that will sum up the whole experience, and I think I'm going to be done talking about cannabis for a while lol.
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  2. It's been a week since I quit weed. I've noticed that I haven't been able to sleep and when I do fall asleep (with great difficulty) I wake up in like 3 or 4 hours. I'm not sure if it's because I stopped smoking weed or because of some other random reason. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

  3. @yourmatetom do a vid on vaping nicotine..while im not anti vaping, i do go to a specialist once a week for chunks at a time on and off, they take my bp every time and my bp has gone from 110s over 70 to140 over mid 70s and the only new thing in my life is vaping nicotine.

  4. Let's be honest tho, taking breaks from weed is way easier than anything else, at least for my experience of just smoking weed, even tho i felt a need to smoke, it's easy to just say nah, and do something else. And that just makes it even crazier the fact that weed is illegal and alcohol and tobacco are legal.

  5. i wished i could be your mate, tom.
    i would give all my possesions to have someone like you in my life!
    almost everyone i know doesn't give a shit about someone else while i'm always right there.
    big up and thank you for this amazing support! so jealous of you man 🙂

  6. Just take care of yourself and meditate. This guy and many others treat cannabis like it’s another addicting drug. Cannabis has been used since humans have been walking this earth from cave man days, to the 1500’s in the Chinese empire…I could go on but the point is marijuana is looked at negatively now because of the culture we live in. If you don’t respect the plant then don’t use it. Like I said meditate to find your higher self while after working on yourself you’ll notice the difference when you smoke or use cannabis in anyway. Stay away from corporate grown weed. Stick to organic and appreciate what god and the universe has created. A Mother Nature planet

  7. Man I’m 22 and been smoking for 5 years now I’m in Canada where this stuff is legal and literally everywhere I’m trying to stop smoking it’s hard I ended up smoking on the third day now I’m watching videos again so I can stop smoking again

  8. I smoke weed mainly because I'm bored and have no one to talk to. I feel horrible when I'm on my own and there's nothing to do so I get high and go on a little adventure by myself.
    But I'm starting university soon so I will have a schedule and opportunities to meet new people. I think once I have more stuff to do I won't feel the need to smoke

  9. Hey Tom, thank you so much for making this video. I'm actually going thru alcohol AND weed withdrawals at the same time right now.. so watching this video really helped me organize my head a bit more. Everything you said at the end was all so true, n it literally brought me to tears bcuz I just needed to be reminded about about all of that.. God is teaching me a lesson, maybe multiple lessons as we speak… And just hearing you talk about it actually has motivated me to keep pushing through this bcuz I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for spreading the love😌🙏💜n God bless you both! n ur furry fam too(:

  10. but youve been doing a lot more than just weed brother…you do a lot of Psychedelics and other drugs….sounds like your quitting everything and only want to vlog "Quitting weed" but imma tell you right now, you and your girl look rough as fuck and your withdraws are similar to Meth withdraws or cocaine. JUst saying bro keep it real we wont judge you on the hard shit, but maybe your family will or some shit that why your not sharing all

  11. grown man status…handle all your shit before you smoke…thats the difference between Pot Heads like you and grown folks who smoke to medicate and relax…I dont run to the bong when I have a problem, thats how addiction sets in…..smoke when all your shit is together, dont smoke because your shits not together

  12. Man if weed is really all you can think about as it seems you should try to quit for good, not just 30 days. It is the same for me. Day 8 for me. It’s hard, especially with the sleepless nights, but I am getting my life back. Thanks for the video it helps to hear others’ experiences.

  13. Dude i can honestly relate to you right now and thank you soo much for that insightful perspective about patience. I’m on a 3 week streak currently and planning to save weed on special occasions haha. Keep up on the videos i love your content goddamnit

  14. Wake that was very interesting, I’m in the situation where I’ve been forced to quit and go through these conflicting moments with the withdrawals and have been for the past 3/4 weeks and your words mean a lot thank you, I can’t wait for recreational use of cannabis is here in nsw so I can reconnect with my medication it’s apart of who we are and who we can be by letting our minds eye see what we entially can’t see without it thank you again 💚cheers

  15. Sucks to hear you couldn't control your cannabis lifestyle. I vape after 7pm and before 10pm only. You have to set limits or it'll consume your life far too easily.

  16. Was reading more about redback spiders and this is down further on the page:

    The Shadow Aspects:

    Redback spider comes into your life to ask you to ‘give it up.’ It’s time to surrender. Whether this is a literal surrender to something someone has been asking you to do for some time, or a spiritual surrender to a god, or an emotional surrender to feelings you’ve been denying, is regardless. What is important here is the actual act of surrender itself. Redback spider will continue to come into your life as a shadow aspect until this is confronted and you ‘let go’ of something important to you, in order to gain something far more valuable. While redback spider teaches this in general, this lesson may be a particular challenge for you.


  17. My specialist freaked out on me today and told me all my problems are from cannabis.
    (I’ve been sick for 3.5 years and I’ve been using cannabis for 1.5 years) I use it for nausea a lot. I told him I’d stop smoking for 6 weeks.
    Vommed my entire life up.
    Fucking Irish Drs.

  18. I see addicts smoking so much weed that they starve their brains of R.E.M. sleep. This causes Delerium Tremens, the D.T.'s, just like alchoholism. I've seen long term, all day cannabis users lose their minds. Become delerious and accusational. Then when they quit, they find themselves without any real friends.

  19. I will never understand why so many people dislike a video. Esp when all your doing is being of service to them.. weird lol but anyway, thx for this. I been a “stoner” too since a young age. Started when i was 13 & was smoking everyday since I was 14.. I’m now 19. I never even considered quitting until my huge awakening last year. This is my final time saying “I’m Quitting “ 👍🏼 once & for all ! Lol

  20. I've been smoking for a year and I recently had to stop. I was going through a cart in a week or two and it did add value to my life, I believe it still does add value to my life l, it gave me a new friend group and I'm trying to figure out how to be social and do things with friends without it revolving around weed. The days are so long and I have nothing to do. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my friends because they will smoke without me… But I can't go back to it, I don't have a choice.

  21. So glad to hear about dreaming! Also I'm blaming weed for my last relationship failing, we never dealt with our issues just smoked them away and that led to the demise of our love

  22. Day 2 for me today, thanks for the video brother. Love from Scotland. It's been effecting me greatly last while, its making me miss work and key events with the family and my friends, decide to smoke instead of creating some valuable memories with the people I love. Kills my motivation the lot. Currently have literally no appetite, and trouble sleeping. Going to try and go out on a run/walk once a day when I get some cravings. Wish me luck, i have stopped twice before once for 3 years and once for about 4 years, so I know I have it in me.

    Onwards and upwards.

  23. Thanks mate had to stop for legal reasons (living in Aus and wanting to drive allso got busted buy an rdt) but ur videos have really helped to no I'm not alone in my experience

  24. Long, long time smoker here… From experience, If you like smoggin, no need to quit for good. I found that cutting the everyday, all day habit to be the way to go… Just cut back to 1 or 2 days a week. ( the weekends)… You'll lower your tolerance and enjoy it like you used to, and benefit with some, clear headed sobriety.. win win..

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