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  2. I was a very heavy smoker for 2 1/2 years, I would switch between flower, dabs, vape, my tolerance was insane, I was hands down fully addicted, I would smoke probably every 2 hours. I’m on day 12 without it, and it’s been pretty excruciating, out of nowhere I’ll have a full blown panic attack, the nausea is very intense, I can barely eat anything, my mind is still kinda foggy. I’m just ready to be sober and come out the other side, I’m sick of feeling crazy and only having to confine myself to my bed because I’m too scared to leave. This is brutal and makes it all more real that I’m happy to quit and be done with it.

  3. I haven’t smoked cannabis in 50 days. I had CBD 14 days ago to crutch things, but I learned it’s not so bad being sober after all. Life is more authentic sober, when using substances it distorts reality. I’ve done DMT and heroin(2yrs). Never LSD, that may change soon, drugs aren’t bad, it’s our control over life that is bad unless we submit our power and create connections.

  4. i love you all , all of us know the chills , sleepless nights, irritation but someone somewhere is going through the same you just need to tell yourself you’re stronger than this marijuana thing smoke marijuana dont let it smoke you cheers people my love is with you all❤️

  5. First Day in!! Got to pass a drop to get accepted into the Carpenters Union and I must say ! I’m well dedicated no cravings through day 1! It’s all in your head! I’ve been a hard smoker for 8 years constantly! If YOU want to make a change YOU will do that

  6. Dude your "before and after" pic is EXACTLY the same except the intentional over exposure on one. How lame… Just sau you quit and you feel better. Dont lie through pics, I cant even watch your video now because I know youve already lied….

  7. Why do ppl bitch about smoking weed! First of all weed is not for every1, second when u smoke shitty weed for a long time of course ur will hurt ur brain! 3rd u have to be in control of ur life before even doing anything fun, even if i was drinking, or gambling or even being online 24/7, we don't live in a clean world nor we got easy lives! Ur talking like pot is the reason why some ppl got a sad or unproductive lives. Weed doesn't interact with all ppl the same way, some ppl get panic attacks from it every time they smoke, some people dont feel comfortable while being high, on the other hand some ppl like myself feel the life when smoking, its true it makes a a little lazy plus u have to know how u would react to it when u smoke to enjoy it the most! When u get shit to do dont smoke until ur done if u cant focus while high or dont smoke a lot before doing something. Just do sports and u will fresh. At end smoking pot depends on ur lifestyle, but if u already got a busy life u wont even have time to smoke. In conclusion im writing this high af, but everything u do in life needs a tolerance break even work, study, sports or anything u make or do, its not about the herb

  8. What I do is I smoke weed whenever i get stressed after a bad day at work/ or stressed in general, but I don’t let it control me, I’m not addicted, and know my limits. You can smoke just don’t let it get in the way of your priorities/ goals in life. It’s all about self control.

  9. Im 23 years old and I started at the age of 16. I started to smoke all days since the age of 18, when I started to get a real job.
    Sometimes I tried to quit. But now, Im just fucking tired to do it all days. The effect wasn't the same. Before doing anything, I had to smoke before. I was doing nothing productive. Now I quit officialy weed. It's my 10th day, off the weed. It was hard the first week, sleeping was hard. But its a part of the process of quitting. I feel sooooo better. I feel much alive. Its like if my life is just starting now. When u smoke, time goes so fast, like wtf. It "ruined" a part of my life. Its not made for me and for anyone, thats my opinion. It makes us do things slower and we think we look ok, but it's not. For anyone trying to quit, I encourage you SO MUCH, VERY MUCH. Life is so better without weed, trust me 🙂

  10. Been smoking for 9 years straight around 2 grams a day . Been trying to stop it’s been one of the hardest things in my life but I continue to try . I’m tired of spending so much money a day

  11. Started everyday use on 4/20/17 and have only taken 2 weeks off this past summer. It was incredibly thought to quit, but after the first week, I realized how much more time I have in the day. Over these 2 years, my vocabulary has be strained. I more have trouble articulating myself than I ever have. I forget words all the time. That, parked with the amount of time it carves out of the day are the paramount issues of my…addiction? This week I am going to cut down to only morning and night. Next week will only be at night. Then we’ll go from there..

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