1. hey Mike, i think its awesome that you found a product to endorse, my friend!! i used to smoke pot, but gave it up after over 20 years of usage. i couldn't afford it anymore having lost my job and going on welfare after a back injury. i never heard of CBD oil in my entire life!! lol!! i do have the same problem with sleeping at night though. getting up 3 and 4 times a night is so frustrating, and in most cases i have to have a carbs snack in order to make myself sleepy enough to return to bed. i`m also carrying a lot of tension, and maybe CBD oil can help me with both my problems!! i went to White Lion`s website. the info on each CBD oil product was quite limited. i clicked the contact us button at the bottom of the page, but nothing happened. oh well!! i`ll just muddle through as i have been for many many years!! LOLOL!! i`m still a huge Michael J. Scanlon fan!! that will never change!! thank you so much for sharing, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!

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