1. I really enjoy how half the comment section is praying for the rower and the other half is bit hing about the "bad" pullups- be honest you are not watching this while hanging from a bar and everyone bitching is neither Brians weight nor the age of the seal guy – stop complaining it's Entertainment

  2. surprised you didnt break that rowing machine thing and plus you got to give it to him hes got a big body and he like 400+ maybe tho so thats a lot of weight to pull up

  3. Every Marine during the pullups: umacktuallymydrillinstructorssgtbignutswouldntcountanyofthosesealsarefuckingpussiesandsoisbrianimayhavefinishedboot15minagobuttrustmeimbetterthanthem.
    ill give the form was not great but still cool dudes.

  4. I would like to know how come some females can pull themselves up higher, is it because they weigh less ?
    She’s fitnesses trainer yes but I can’t do single good pull up 😳
    She weighs 8 stones and can lift up to 10 stone, saw her lift her sister. I can’t lift her sister without passing gas, too heavy I weigh 14 stones and I don’t go to a gym

  5. That was the most pathetic pull-ups I've ever seen navy seal my ass.
    I would like to see those soy boys in a war against russias spetsnaz they would be crushed back to the stone age

  6. 2 bros, sitting in a cold tub, 3 feet apart because brian is too big to be any farther away and also they cant feel eachother anyway due to the sheer cold

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