Why Do I Get Paranoid When I Smoke Weed? And how to stop so I can start connecting with others

If you’ve ever smoked weed, it’s likely that you’ve experienced the infamous “paranoid thoughts” that can come with it. I’ve suffered from them and know many …


  1. I've been smoking weed for good bit. And makes me nervous to go outside, talk with anyone, I just wanna hide, I get sweaty from pressure, I think everyone looking at me and I feel guilty. Can anyone help?

  2. I can smoke a little and be fine but if I take more than a couple of hits I go into a social anxiety spiral. I just keep it light and breezy and enjoy myself. I'm a little stoned right now in fact,!

  3. This comment is not meant to insult anyone so please read it with an open mind . What I have noticed is people with no worries , cares or responsibilities enjoy weed a lot more than I do. The first ten minutes of my high when I smoke every now and then is great but then
    after the first ten minutes my paranoia kicks in but in the form of oh no I’m going to get drug tested at work , if I get fired I’m going to lose my job , if I lose my job I will lose my house , how will I feed my kids . Basically I never really get to enjoy my high . But I see other people just getting baked and laughing and enjoying the high but they also don’t care what happens tomorrow.

  4. I only get paranoid when I abuse weed. Here’s how to smoke again without a bad trip or paranoia. Find a weed with the lowest percentage of THC that you can find, CBD level doesn’t really matter. Then make a joint out of that weed and smoke one hit, JUST ONE. Then go wash your face with some cold water, and also drink lots of water! And have some healthy snacks ready! Then watch something that makes you happy or just take a nap while you listen to some positive vibe music. I promise you your high will be so light and enjoyable that it is impossible you get any paranoia.

  5. Stop smoking and not only will you avoid feeling paranoid but you'll also be able to find your car keys. And unfortunately you'll find reality so just how badly do you want to avoid feeling paranoid because reality can be horrible. Get extra car keys, be paranoid and you be fine. Don't worry about it. Your problem is you worry too much.

  6. Guys it happens at the first few days of smoking but if you keep smoking it, the paranoia thing fades. It also happens when you skipped it for a very long period of time and starting it again.
    You'll be okay. When i had paranoia back in the days my solution was to put on my headphones and start bumping some hard ass songs.
    Xxxtentacion- yung bratz. This was my song

  7. Bruh I had one months ago I was messed up bad … paranoid and everything it went on for hours ! But then after a while it finally went down and I got ok , But ever since that day I’ve been very causes abt where I’m at and who I’m wit because that played with my mind to….

  8. Damn Trinity😪….thanks for helping me i always get paranoia when im high like the cops are gonna come people are gonna notice im high😂😂….but ty for the video …i hope ill be able to keep off the paranoia and connect with people around me more💕

  9. I think anyone who smokes and only gets paranoid. Like not even a high or buzz just thinking the Hell's Angel's want your ticky, probs a sign you could be predisposed to psychosis. Not for everyone.

  10. when i was high i all of the sudden felt dizzy and started shaking and laughing and i thought i was gonna die. i felt like i was in a 3 dimension. i was seeing 3 of everything basically. i felt like my bf was gonna kill me lol

  11. Smoke CBD it gets you high in a chill vibe way… I get mad paranoid off THC that shit is evil (lmao) when I started smoking I was 15 nothing was bad all good experiences …but I started to notice the older I got ..I got more of a decline in happiness when I smoked.. it was making me anxious, depressed , and scared (like fearing for my life)at the same damntime…. so I quit

    And started drinking liquor (worst decision ever) I just quit after 6 years

    Recently this year I had started to miss smoking and being able to enjoy the feelings of relaxing and just chilling from smoking ..I ended stumbling across CBD

    They say CBD don’t get you high ( Ah lie)
    When I first tried it, it was like the first time I smoked weed giggly and goofy (Happy)
    Now I smoke it everyday

    The only negative effects it gives me when smoking to much ( 😂) I go overboard sometimes

    •Not wanting to be around a lot of people

    •I get a slight case of paranoia ( nothing like thc at all 10x’s less intense )

    •I get Sleepy

    That’s it for the negative


    •I get to smoke again

    •Things Brighten Up

    • It smell and smoke like GAS ⛽️ (It is Gas,Just a lower thc version)

    •It saved my relationship with weed

    •I love it

    Check these folks out

    •Blacktie CBD
    •Baker Ranch Botanical

    For cheap Mid
    •Hemp Direct ( try the Charlotte Sauce or Sour Patch Kids)

  12. When I smoked I got paranoid that I was gonna have a heart attack,my heart was beating too much etc.i used to smoke everyday an now I’m scared to smoke knowing I might have paranoia again.i have anxiety an shit scares me smhh hate it. Wish I can smoke weed an not be afraid

  13. yo , i really thought i was the only one… you snatched it right from the back of my mind, it has been bugging me lately that im paranoid more than i used to be , like im doing smthn not right, but i cant let go cause i sure love smoking…
    any tips?

  14. Wow. Thank you. I never thought of it this way. That it amplifies fears that are actually there, just maybe a few levels down…. and cannabis kind of opens up the subconscious and tells the conscious brain to relax lol! Unfortunately my subconscious IS nervous about these things. Being “caught”, etc.

  15. i miss those days when i used to smoke hash happily. I live in india an i am smoking it from 5-6 years but nowadays i a"m afraid of smoking it. after smoking i am lost in negativeness. i hav"nt smoked it from last 3 months . i want to smoke it but i am afraid if that negativeness someone help me

  16. Exactly shes so right. Weed is a psychedelic drug which tells u about your psyche/mindset maybe you don't have enough confidence, self love maybe u haven't grieved or forgive someone. Don't shy from it just work on self 💙

  17. My weed paranoia expands over to the next day and leaves me anxious, especially socially. Every time I stop smoking it’s worse for the first couple of weeks then AMAZING but I’ll start again so I can sleep (chronic insomnia) and love it for a couple of days then bam the same thought patterns and anxious tendencies come back. The light you’ve shed on this with “you are not your thoughts” is a relief but I still think I need to stop 💕

  18. I smoked a ton of weed from middle school through the end of high school (maybe I started too early). It was awesome until it wasn't, and I had a full-blown stony panic attack at 17 years old on a really nice day at the beach with some good friends and everything was mellow. Paranoia is only the tip of the iceberg to describe the feelings associated with me getting high these days. It's more like a feeling of impending doom and guilt and regret that is soul-crushing and all-encompassing. I can't even put it into words, but it's a really bad trip. No biggie, I quit smoking it. I didn't want to end up in a strait jacket. I love weed (the idea of it at least), I love rolling joints, I love stoners, I love helping to trim after a harvest and I really dig the culture around marijuana. I absolutely love the smell. But please Lord do not ever make me take a bong hit again 'cause I'll spin the hell out. I appreciate the consciousness expanding aspects of marijuana use, unfortunately it has left me behind (particularly in today's age of really strong buds and concentrates). Weed being legal or not has nothing to do with this reaction, nor does societal judgement about marijuana use. In my social circles it's much more unusual to not smoke than to hit the herb. I revisit marijuana once a year or so with a few hits off a bowl or joint and it's always the same reaction. No reason to smoke if you don't like it. My message: put it down if you have to, listen to your inner voice.

  19. I was a huge smoker and used to smoke every day until I got what i beleive was laced (still don’t know to this day) too long of a story to explain and was hanging out with friends in a tent and I guess I smoke too much (idk what happened) and everybody seemed fake like everybody was scary and going to get me and they weren’t who I thought they were before I smoked . it was like I saw their real true intentions or something and I really did believe it and I thought that it was just that one time becuase i got laced or smoked too much but then every time after that I smoked it just kept reoccurring and getting worse and with everybody I smoked with didn’t matter who I was with or where I was it was just everybody was bad.. And I had all these thoughts in my head and I would never tell anybody either so it made it much worse because i kept it all inside .. For example if I was at a friends house smoking weed I would feel the need to escape their house for no reason like i didn’t have a motive and if they were at my house i would tell them to leave becuase i would think they would steal my stuff while i was sleeping so i would stay up all night and even if there wasn’t anyone to judge and be scared of , i would be scared if myself and judge myslef and any small problem i had that are all normal like having a full garbage can in my room or anything like that and i never smoked since .. and i smoked everyday and i didn’t have a limit i would just smoke and smoke and smoke till i reach a new high and i guess my wish came true becuase these highs are intense . it’s like a game that i have to escape my what i thought we’re friends and get out alive ! one time , i was with my friend alexia and her boyfriend and his friend . i didn’t really know them too well and her room was disgusting but i loved her so much and the guys seemed chill . so i decided to smoke and as soon as i did it’s like i had totally opposite effects as them .. they became hyper and energetic and happy and i just fellt so down and i started observing everything they did and i didn’t say anything and i just thought . eventually i came up with the realization that i was in a porn or a deep web video and there was a hidden camera and these 2 guys were secretly jerking off to my friend twerk and do handstands and whatever else (when she always does shit like that becuase that’s how she is) and i just watched her like the guys becuase i thought that would make me less of a target for this weird demented shoot and turned the other way and was so scared becuase i didn’t know what to do and i went to bed . anyone else who has these weird ass highs and goes through shit like this????!!! and most people would say it was because of set and setting but my standards must be really high becuase i can’t smoke around friends and when i’m in my room i judge it ! someone help! i wanna smoke again!!

  20. My highs used to be the typical chill and I felt good as hell but now I smoke and I get super paranoid that the cops will come and catch us or that my mom will find out (she’s super scary and not to be messed with). Now I can’t even smoke and have a good time with my friends I have a low ass tolerance and am just stuck in my head overthinking everything :(((

  21. Weed paranoia starts when you don’t sleep at night, have a lot of thinking in your head and you have done some serious heavy drug like meth or physichic drugs

  22. Well, Im 65 and been smoking since the 60's. Only had one paranoid episode and a friend suggested I put on some Pink Floyd through headphones..worked like a charm!!

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