Why Senator Schumer Is Introducing A Bill That Decriminalizes Marijuana (HBO)

The Minority Leader of the Senate is making it official the day before 4/20: He’s down with legal weed. In an exclusive interview with VICE News, Sen.


  1. It's crazy most states have already decriminalized marijuana but federal government hasn't bull crap it's time for federal government to legalize marijuana a lot of states have beaten them to it olive in Ohio and we just got Medical Marijuana about 6 months ago

  2. Every state that has legalised Pot Has a huge increase in Hit and run killings and motor vehicle deaths.

    CRIME and the illegal pot growers just grow more for cheaper ..

    The mexican weed keeps flowing in even cheaper.

    If the Government runs the Pot Program and gets it out of the States hands It will work ,,

    I say let the Government control the week market Hell ya

  3. If we stick to green in glass, I think this legislation is something that can stick with us forever. Where marijuana reminds me of hardcore drugs is concentrates. I know a guy, who has tried all there is to marijuana. The concentrates will lead us back to prohibition in the future. It doesn’t seem like it when you’re using it but you notice when your go cold turkey off it, that it feels like a heroin withdrawal. It’s too much thc at one time. Like alcohol, a 40 get you feeling pretty good, but a bottle of hard liquor can kill you. Not saying dabbers are gunna OD, but overtime it’s going to take its toll on people. Moderation is the key. Just my 2 cents. I hope this passes. I’d much rather my 6 month old daughter try marijuana someday if she chooses too than to be a slave to bottle of satan and his coffin nails….

  4. Trust me it's all about money with Schumer and rest of them ? Their fingers into controlled pot industry their making way more money than arresting people cause then they have to pay to keep them in jail .

  5. Ya see… The libertarian in me kinda likes Chucky, but the conservative in me, not so much…So, I'm more libertarian, then, I guess I like him??? No way, Jeff Sessions sucks a big fat one, But Chucky needs to grow a pair if he claims to be cool on MJ decriminalization.

  6. Thank god somebody actually has sense. Somebody now needs to put the spotlight on alabama using weed as a excuse to take peoples babys and then treating the parents like meth heads!

  7. He tryna come out of long day of work with a fat joint and just blaze up and make some money lol . If this happens USA could be USA again , bring in alot of money and make the economy great because CHINA right now is no joke they may seem like their economy is doing bad but they are ahead of us in alot and taking our companies so the USA needs something and it could of been simple , we just needed to go green !

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