Wild Edibles: Using Milkweed

IDENTIFICATION: A. syriaca, the most common northern milkweed, is an erect perennial. Three to six feet tall, milky juice, mostly single, stout, hairy stems.


  1. You rock. This was exactly the information I was looking for and the best executed video. Throwing extra in the freezer after the first 5 minute boil will allow you to save them for the winter months. Just boil them again for 5 minutes and have a taste of summer.

  2. Do you use real butter, (the kind that separates during storage), or do you use the cheap shit they sell at the store, and tell you it's butter? Not that all the brands that are sold, claiming they are real butter are not 100% real butter, but most of them are. I was just curious about what you use. Lol. Do you make your own butter?

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