Wild Hemp Cigarettes & Hempettes: Burman's Health Shop

Wild Hemp Cigarettes are also known as Hemp-ettes. These hemp cigarettes are a smooth blend of hemp that contain CBD but no THC. Hemp cigarettes are for …


  1. all these hemp cigs are like mid grade or reggie lol be the kinds u gotta grind up and roll up fyi and it’s more like cali cuz and the effects are much stronger to where u ain’t gotta smoke as much but i love the hemp cigarettes tho wise ppl would cut me a deal since i’m in remission of cancer and wana buy a cartoon and cut out tobacco after three months of winging off nicotine with hemp cigs got off opiates for cancer pain with winging down and taking cbd oil email me at capeptcb@yahoo.com and if i’ll get them to me cheaper i’ll buy my hemp cigs off of you my brother. i normally smoke a pack a day of cigs and wana cut down 1/3 of cigarettes a month so only two cartons of cigarettes with nicotine in them and a carton of hemp cigarettes,then next month aka month number two be 2cartons of hemp cigarettes and one carton of cigarettes with nicotine in them then the third month just buy two packs of nicotine cigarettes and smoke just one of em a day the after that your off of it with no problem. please let me know about the hemp cigarettes pricing in a email to me make sure to make the description of the email youtube u wanted me to contact u or something like that so i know it’s u before i click to open the email. thank u my brother and god bless u and urs in the name of jesus

  2. and any hemp u smoke will have trace amounts so just cause the packs say no thc that a lie they can only get it to 0.03%or lower normally no lower than 0.02ish% and if u smoke say about five to ten cig or more a day u will test for a lil more than trace amounts. i know ppl who have done it and didn’t and couldn’t smoke cannabis.

  3. Not sure I'd call them quality. 0% eh? No…its .3% which is low (read that as acceptable levels) got curious after reading reviews and cut one open. Looks like shake and grinder leftovers. Others have claimed to be non pot smokers and failed at home tests after smoking these. Curious if that's true. I smoke so that's not an experiment I can do. Packaging is great but the product needs work. I'm not a fan of the smell and so far i see no benefits of their use. Others claim they work shrugs

  4. I got some of these i gotta admit they are good for my anxiety and help stimulate my appetite as i have a stomach ulser. One question though can you some these and pass a drug test for a place like pepsi? And i dont mean smoking them heavly more like one or two a day? I cant seem to find a straight answer to this question.

  5. I just discovered this at a local gas station.wow.finally.ive smoked real weed for years and actually am tired of it but this product is a fantastic product.i used to smoke regular cigs and today I switched.hey man,pass that over.seriously,great product.smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

  6. I just bought a pack of these today and I have to tell you I REALLY like these. I felt immediate relaxation and felt super chill. But I was wondering if these had the same health risks as cigarettes? Will these cause heart disease or heart problems? I have heart issues now and heard CBD helps with things dealing with the heart, pain, inflammation and anxiety. I'm just trying to figure out if it is safe for me to continue using these any info would help out tremendously thank you

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