Windshield Time 19.02: First Amendment Auditors and Missouri Medical Marijuana Rules

1st Amendment Auditing, new draft medical marijuana rules ##### Everything below I use and recommend ##### My Gear: Camera: Panasonic 4K Ultra HD …


  1. Grateful for your service to your fellowman by sharing your knowledge with us.   With Furry"…I watched this event.  Perhaps the Agenda 2030, related to Agenda 21, to remove all our freedoms and our weapons for the NWO has a play in this event.  The removal of citizen rights to further this agenda.  It must be difficult for an attorney to see the miscarriage of justice that is so frequent today by judges ruling from a personal agenda and not our constitution.  Thanks to the NDAA act, we have lost due justice.

  2. I am perplexed. I live in Canada and have been watching Earl David Worden for a number of years. When I first became a viewer of News Now Houston, I did my due diligence and checked out David's online history. There was a reference to his criminal sexual history for everyone to see. I continued to watch his channel regardless of his past and had been waiting patiently to see if it would become a pressing issue. Now that Mr. Worden has been arrested and the trolls in the First Amendment community, his former friends, if I may add, have come out with daggers drawn, it begs the question, did they not know of his previous convictions, did they not check him out online previously like I had done. As first amendment auditors concerned about Constitutional rights, why are they not protecting his rights to a fair and impartial trial rather than resorting to lynch mob justice in the court of public opinion?

  3. There is no way in hell the guard could claim justified "self Defense" , I don't give a crap how someone might deluded themselves to believe otherwise. He's behind as locked gate, she made no threats and displayed no weapons.
    That district attorney / Prosecutor should lose his job for not filing charges against the clown, he's no doubt corrupt.
    I hope she sues the hell out of all involved.

  4. fallow the money in the Furry Potato incident! she is using the transgender angle, I see it as who has the money and power with the prosecutor? NNH guilty of not guilty, he has the right to due process!

  5. Pat please explain why you failed to mention that Zoey was taking pictures of STAINED GLASS WINDOWS. Last time I checked those are considered art work pieces. Why did you dumb it down to say she was just taking pictures thru windows. It’s those half truths that gives the public a bitter taste to attorneys. You say bring the facts but you have to admit you are picking and choosing ones that fit your narrative for each situation. Like I always say there are 3 sides to every story. YOURS – MINE – & THE TRUTH. video gives nothing but the truth in a story.

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