Windshield Time – Final revisions of Missouri Medical Marijuana

DHSS has posted the final revisions of the medical marijuana regulations that will be used as emergency regulations. ##### Everything below I use and …


  1. What a sad tragedy to small growers, the kind of growers needed to fine tune plants based upon patients needs. Instead Missouri has become no better than a Mexican Drug Cartel. In order to grow in this state you must come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to start a grow operation. Just like Colorado's House Bill that did the very same thing and put license fees at $20,000, effectively preventing any small (poor) growers form doing business. Only the rich have the kind of money the state wants in order to grow Cannabis in Missouri. Greed knows no end and just another sad tail of the greedy rich keeping the poor in their place. I'm so mad I could spit. This whole state is being run by the biggest fools just like Colorado and California. What happened to my right to farm in this state? Now the state tells me how to farm. How nice huh? I'll tell you; Regulated away from me by liberal bureaucrats Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

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  3. Before the amendment to β€œlegalize” medical marijuana, the state of MO had one (and only one) condition that qualified for a prescription for MMJ. The state acquired MMJ before the amendment so did the amendment change the how & where MMJ can be acquired by the state? Does this mean those individuals whom had a prescription for MMJ before the amendment was passed are now unable to get anymore MMJ?
    Just something that popped into my head while watching the video. BTW thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

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