Windshield time – Missouri Medical Marijuana happenings this week

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  1. I was told this also when St.Charles took my marijuana in Oct. I got my cultivator license in Aug..I already had charges when they took my marijuana 4/1 2019. I have tried to call Dan Viets. I have been pulled over 3 times for swerving on hwy 70 mm201 or mm205 by the same officer who seized my cannabis..I have had to fire Eric Boehmer and have a new attorney now..I fear this court is abusing me and this has been going on for years unfortunately I can not prove it.

  2. We are Native American Indians living in Missouri. There is no federal law against us having marijuana. What does the law's in Missouri say or how do any laws now apply to us on marijuana?

  3. So if it is our constitutional right to legally have and use medical marijuana. Why are employers able to discriminate against one prescription versus any other prescription. Even if you're not medicating at work or under the influence ,and does not affect your work ability?.

  4. Pat,can we sue the state/municipality if the patient was totally legal BUT wrongfully incarcerated???? Confiscation is one thing but attempting to ruin someone’s life/career when they were 1000% in compliance with the regulations is something completely different. Defamation?Loss of wages? An unarmed shooting/reasonable fear of life,yeah there’s a wide range of wiggle room there BUT compliance with medical marijuana seems to be a black n white issue. Either u are a legal patient with a legal amount OR not and either the prosecutor has evidence to convict or they don’t.

  5. I appreciate the info and happy to hear you discuss the Daviess county incident, as I live close to there. My understanding is the arrest was done by the Missouri State Patrol. Pretty scary stuff.

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