1. yeah guys its true dont use test just rub weed on your tits eh same thing rite loved it dudes haha. from uk u guys r ok u should have a tv show.

  2. I take a bong rip or a dab every time preworkout I take it sometimes with a preworkout powder it’s great! Good focus better appitite better sleep it’s deff a good thing! 💪🏻👍🏻

  3. I get high before I lift and I get in the zone mind muscle connection is so enhanced It makes me more vascular and stay leaner year around plus I don’t give a fuck about anyone else in the gym I don’t notice anyone else and I stay bigger when I smoke most likely less stress and I’m all natural and I smoke like a train and I for sure feel like my test is above average Been smoking since 16 on a daily basis 18 now

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