Yocan Stix Tutorial

TVAPE looks at the Yocan Stix and gets you the full lowdown on what’s new, read on to learn more! To jump to a specific section of the video, click the time …


  1. Any hints for cleaning these when using a pre-filled MMJ cartridge? Mine plugs up after several uses. A hard drag on the mouthpiece with the pen removed can free it up for one use, but it can make for some killer (not in a nice way) hits and a whole lot of coughing. Just tried a q-tip wetted with iso alcohol which seems to work better, but I hear that can damage the electronics? Be nice to see a tutorial on the subject.

  2. I left mine charging all day just thinking it would stop ones it gets fully charged but now it’s not working like I can’t get the light on but when I plug it up and press the button then the light turns on idk what’s wrong with it

  3. How long does it take to charge when first receiving it? I got it yesterday and it still isn’t charged, a blue light just blinks 3 times whenever the charger is inserted, nothing else.

  4. Conflicting information on what level the colors represent. This video says red-low green-med blue-high. But on other Stix websites and what the gentleman told me about it was green-low blue-med red-high.
    Can anyone confirm which each represents please bc red is pretty harsh …

  5. I plug in my charger and the red light on the bottom goes on to show its charging, however after about 3-5 seconds it goes off and doesnt charge at all is there any fix???

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