?CBD oil! Does this stuff work?

Charlottes Web 10% off uses code LEDA10 I feel like im too relaxed in this video having taken a lot of CBD oil to make it. SO thats how this …


  1. I overheard an elderly couple talking about how they wanted to try CBD,the man was in a great deal of joint pain and wanted to try it but feared losing his job by failing a drug test at the factory he worked at.Cbd doesn't show in drug tests,it doesn't have the same properties as weed.cbdbd!

  2. It's a changing world we live in…your brave for talking about this,for some it's a contravercial subject,it's selfless of you to care enough to explain CBD to people who may need it and it's sad that people spread biased info that deters people who are suffering and could find some relief from this.good on you girl!

  3. I have been having increased stress at work and home, so two weeks ago I decided to try CBD oil. I bought the same Charlottes Web oil you have, at $75 for the bottle. First night trying it out within 20 mins of taking it I felt anxiety melt away and my body aches and pains felt like they were being treated with a heat pad. It was a fabulous experience. Better than any prescription anti anxiety pills I have taken. However, after the first night of using the CBD I felt very little difference, even with double doses. Seems I built a tolerance to it as fast as I got to the second dose. I'm not going to give up on CBD just yet though. I'm going to try a higher dosage cuz 28mg/dropper is probably just too weak for me.

  4. CBD is so beneficial and it’s not going to make you high. I use a balm for my TMJ and I use the Calm brand for after workout recovery and for a better nights rest. My doctors recommended it’s use. Also use it for migraine relief as the prescription meds are so hard on the system. I’m going to look at the Charlottes web brand. TFS

  5. Have you looked into Wild Lettuce, benefits and pain relief? It grows just about everywhere in the spring. I can’t tell the difference between it and Dandelion, but anyway, evidently not habit forming and has been used for centuries.

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