1. Cat’s Claw Benefits
    Cat’s Claw is a woody vine that grows in the rain forests of Peru and is often called “Miracle Herb of the Rain Forest” by the Peruvian natives.

    This herb has undergone quite a bit of medical research since the 1970’s. This research has shown that Cat’s claw may be helpful in treating a variety of conditions, such as bursitis, arthritis, lupus, Lyme disease, diabetes, cancer and various stomach problems.

    This herb is well known for it’s ability to protect and strengthen the immune system. It contains alkaloids that exhibit anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

    Cat’s Claw seems to have the ability to detoxify the intestinal Tract. This is most likely why it’s so good for treating problems such as IBS and a host of other bowel disorders.

    The herb Cat’s Claw is also a potent antioxidant. It can protect the body’s cells from free radicals. Its ability to rid the body of toxins also make this a great herb to maintain good health.

    If You Are Over 30
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    Cat’s Claw Uses:

    Immune stimulant
    Alzheimer’s disease
    Appetite stimulant
    Bone pain
    Bowel disease
    Chronic fatigue syndrome
    Digestive disturbances
    Disease prevention
    Heart disease
    High blood pressure
    High cholesterol
    Kidney disease
    Liver disease
    Menstrual irregularity
    Nerve pain
    Premenstrual syndrome
    Prostate problems
    Recovery from childbirth
    Skin disorders
    Sore throats
    Stomach pain
    Stomach ulcers
    Urinary tract infection or inflammation
    Wound healing

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  2. How you were telling about telling your mind to heal yourself my aunt had told me about it she has been doing a lot of research I guess and was telling my sisters and I to do it at night before bed. I wish you the best of luck. I am so sorry you are going through this. I don't even know how I stumbled across your videos but glad I did. I hope the deworming medication has promising results for you.

  3. Slow down bruh! I worry you work and push yourself too hard. I love those expensive ass egg bites too?

    And using the power of your mind is not crazy at all!! So glad you are feeling better. ??

  4. eggs from starbucks? the first thing in fighting cancer is to avoid the parasites that sell the things that cause it. Boycott all the parasites dont support them.

  5. I just heard a holistic dr speak about cancer and all disease. People are prone to get sickness and not heal, if they dont sleep..
    SLEEP, MY FRIEND..He said you can be on the best diet exercise yadda
    But you cant recover without SLEEP..♥️ IM PRAYING FOR YOU DAILY??

  6. I'm happy that you looked out for Dr. Joe D. and dr. Bruce L. They are fantastic !. I believe in my own healing since I 've started the type of meditation Dr. Joe suggested. I started meditation in August. By october suddenly I got a lot of money that I was waiting for 5 years without any hope to have it back onto my account. And by now my son starts to look like he is going to change his self-destructive lifestyle .I seems I will have a new job too. now my heath is on the "DONE list ". Your lymphnodes are cleaning your body . In case you or anybody who reads it need a medicine for cleaning lymphnodes : there exist LYMPHOPHÖN drops ,a homeopathic medicine , in Europe.

  7. I was doing 1 gram of Fenbendazole for 3 days. I don't have cancer. I also did turmeric, vitamin e . I continued the vitamin e and turmeric after the fenben ended. I did notice one day I was dizzy while walking and had a bit of very low grade nausea. I double checked my vitamin e and I was getting a LOT from different sources including even 200% Daily recommended from my regular vitamin pill, another pure e pill and then the vitamin e oil I was taking with the fenben. A LOT! So i stopped it all for a few days. Nausea went away. still occasionally dizzy when turning my head lying down but I have a ear crystal thing that occasionally hits me anyway so I think its that. I am not dizzy standing or walking anymore which I believe was perhaps the vitamin e.

    anyone else notice this?

    there are some reports saying too much vitamin e can do this and is a problem. other say not.

    anyway i am now going back to normal vitamins and things after about three days stopping all vitamins etc.

  8. i got a big 1lb bag of pure vitamin c form a company called BulkSupplements on Amazon. I have no affiliation but can recommend. I now put some powder in water and drink it. it is refreshing.

  9. you know some people have said they have been cured of cancer after being infected with various flus or even the flu vaccine which can apparently invigorate/stimulate/wakeup the immune system which suddenly attacks the cancer.

  10. Scot, please get a strep test asap. You could have strep with very little symptoms & no sore throat. It can remain in your body & harm your progress, so you need to get tested. Look this up. This could be a major issue for your immune system.

    Also, please please look up Jason Vale juicing you tube. And the free documentary he has called “Super Juice Me’ (in the beginning he talked about his mother dying of cancer but the thing to keep in mind is you are taking a cancer worm med protocol that has worked. Also, watch the free documentary called “Sick, fat & nearly dead” (this is about weight loss, obviously you are in excellent shape, but for you this documentary talks about healing the body from within with good clean juicing”. I was sickened by a tick bit and went from doctor to doctor it was not until I went to Dr Joel Fuhrman and he put me on a full vegan diet did I start to heal my body. THIS WORKS to build your immune system back up & get your organs working correctly again especially your adrenal glands.

    You can incorporate juicing a few times a day with your regular meals or go full vegan meals & juice only. On Dr Berg you tube cannel he talks about the Keto diet and that you must eating 7-8 cups of veggies a day i.e. salads, cooked veggies…but with juicing you can just drink two fresh veggie juices and get all the veggie into your system quickly. By drinking veggies it gets right into your blood stream by passing the long process of digestion. This will help build your immune system up….you need this. Your skin & eyes are showing you need to build your immune system.

    You can buy a cheap juicer $30 at walmart which gets the job done. The best thing to do is clean all your veggies & then store them for the week in tupperware for the week & then the process each day is quicker. What I do is make a few for the day and then one extra for the next morning. And then repeat. It’s best to make them right then & there & drink. But, you have a busy schedule (still working) so this would most likely work best. Dont make them to far in advance because they will not hold their vitamin value.

    OR Better…why dont you hook up with a local Health store that has a veggie juicing bar & see if they will sponsor you & you post their juice recipe & talk about their store (free advertising for them). This is what a lot of you tubers do when they first start to build their channel.

    Also, look up Jay K (have to look up his last name). This man is the original juicing man on tv. He had a tv show which you now can find his videos on you tube. He had cancer when he was very young. Went to The Gerson clinic and healed his cancer with juicing. Look for Charlotte Gerson on you tube & her books (your library most likely has Jay’s books & Charlottes books maybe even her fathers books Dr Max Gerson (look him up to). The Gerson Cancer therapy (google) has held lots of people. Charlotte just recently died at 96 but was full of live and traveled to give lectures on the value of health thru juicing. Her clinic is still in operation day.

    Look up Dr Joel Fuhrman books Eat to live and also Super Immunity (your library may have them either for you to down load free or books form).

    Please look into this Scot. Your face is showing your sickens (dont mean that in a bad way I looked the same when I was very sick) but, you need to flood your body with good nutritious juicing. You will be shocked at how much better you will feel in just 10 days ever better in 30 days. Your energy will go up. You will feel so much better. And your body will be able to fight with you to heal your cancer.

    Sorry for posting this info again. But, I hope you look into this.

    FATHER OF MEDICINE HYPOCRITES STATED: LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE. (he was correct good clean veggie juicing)

    Thank you for sharing your life journey with all of the world. Your a strong person Scot & should be so proud of yourself for the fight you are fighting. I’m sure your wife, kids, family & friends are so proud of you too.

    Take care.

  11. Scott, look at Manual Lymphayic Drainage massage techniques.. its imperitive. Your lymphatic system has to be able to drain properly, it will be affected by radiation especially but look into it man

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