1. Kush mints x animal cookies. Mate would it be a stabilized strain with so many x's in it. No quarms about that beauty but just a question about growing strains of less x's in its profile. You have strains showing bud rot happening. What do you feed your trimmers for breakfast , Corn flakes with sugared speed. Your garden rocks mate. All the best …

  2. Hey man beautiful flowers bro! Looks like your plants are super happy ! Unfortunately you cant control the humidity outside,but I see you have the fans out to blow some air on those trees! Looking like your in the michiganja group!ohh u just said coming to ya from Michigan! Sounds like you have some fire strains and gonna be some kick ass medicine..great job man! Catch yall growmies on the flipside man! Peace Richie out!!

  3. Beautiful girls brother! I am taking some of mine early cuz of mold too. I have a WIFI that has been real hearty and mold resistant that should go till the end no problem. Super sticky, definitely a strain for the grow again list. Trimming is a labor of love, enjoy man. Peace

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