1. Aye Mosbbberg, whats good growmie! Super nice on the backyard man..thats my kinda backyard bro! Plants of all kinds strains, sizes.Love the garden my g,keep it growing man! Catch yall growmies on that flipside man! Peace!! Richy Rich out!!

  2. On Point Bub! Hella Growth Growing around! Love the Transplanting! I was wondering if a pinch or two of Epsom Salt would help those Ladies on the Table!?! I don't have a Grow anymore, I trashed it a few weeks ago after hearing all that Craps about peeps getting Snitched on! We thought we was HIT!!! The Wife really wants us to wait till it's Legal here before we start up again! I don't blame her! Sure Sucks Tho! Lol I'll just do like I always have till it's Time! See ya on the Next one! Cheers!!! Much Props and Much Love!?????????????✊?✌

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