2 Days of Las Vegas Strip – Van Life

We arrive in Las Vegas, Nevada. We spend 2 days walking the strip and sleeping in a free parking lot. We saw a lot of free entertainment and spent $0 dollars.


  1. This was a bit different for you and I really enjoyed it, especially the intro with the uke, hyperlapse and music. I hope you consider doing more of that sort of thing. A couple of respectful suggestions: 1) when there's lots to see, it might help to pan about more slowly to keep the viewer's dizziness down and the mind's ability to take it all in; 2) if you get a chance, check into Jan Klaeui's YouTube channel clueing into his transitions pieces. Although he's actually talking about using the GoPro camera, I am finding they work equally well with my Osmo Pocket vids, DSLR vids, and Osmo Action vids. Be well, be safe!

  2. Hey I'm staying at lake mead. Didn't go too Death Valley go thing because my voltage meter doing some crazy stuff. So just staying here to check things out. Hope you two had a good time. I'll be going to strip sometime next week. Not going out boondocking until I feel safe with what ever going on with truck
    So be careful and stay safe Grandma Darlene.

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