3 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge | One Pot Chef

After several experiments, I think I may have struck upon the PERFECT three ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge recipe! Smooth, chewy dark chocolate …


  1. I've made this. It is so simple and so scrumptious. My family loves it. For my Mom I leave out the peanut butter and add in chopped pecan pieces. Sometimes she likes it made with white chocolate instead of dark or milk chocolate versions. They are all delicious.
    My favorite part of every video is the taste test though. The better the dish tastes the better the giggle of satisfaction when he tastes it. So absolutely adorable!?

  2. This channel is awesome, i like to try out new recipes but dont always have the time for something complicated. Thanks for sharing this! You also seem like a genuinly nice guy and are funny.

  3. Thanks for this recipe! Just finished making a batch minus the peanut paste for Christmas tomorrow, it took me longer to find my square cake tin than it took me to make it. Anything that doesn't add to the heat is also great!!

  4. This is the perfect recipe that I needed. I wanted to make chocolate peanut butter fudge last night for Christmas but I did not have all of the ingredients but I happen to have all of these! Thank you! My family absolutely loves three bean salad LOL ❤️

  5. Hey one pot Chef im New to your channel. and I'm watching from Tennessee (States)I was checking out the Fudge's that you've made it all look so divine . I definitely gotta fix this!!! your Recipes look so good
    Ty One Pot Chelf. Merry Christmas!!

  6. I made this today…….. my family
    ABSOLUTELY LOVES it!!!!!!!!!
    its SUPER rich a small square is quite enough!!!!!
    Thank you Mr. One Pot Chef!!!!

  7. Could I use one and a half cups of peanut butter? Also when it comes to the chocolate chips, please explain the mms LOL I'm American and we don't use metric. Love Love Love your channel Handsome. Keep bringing thoae fantastic recipes to the masses.???????

  8. Oh my goodness!! Your recipes are yummy!! You’re fun to watch!! I love ❤️ Chocolate and peanut butter!!! Thank yo so much for taking the time to teach us and inspiring us to venture out in cooking!!! We very much appreciate all your hard work that goes into each video you do! Merry Christmas ?

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