4 BENEFITS OF CAT'S CLAW | Powerful Herb!

Cat’s claw cured my mum of arthritis, it’s powerful, inexpensive and it’s one of the first herbs I ever bought, 2012. I’ve been benefitting from cat’s claw consistently …


  1. Oh my days, this video info is unbelievable. Paul, I just had to clear out my kitchen back to bear has I am having my kitchen gutted, and what do I take out of my cupboard. A packet of Cat Claws, along with two others herbs. Anyway, please can you shed some light on how you do your research?

  2. I've been dealing with ulcerative colitis for over a decade now and I've started to use herbs for my hair which is working out well. Will look into cats claw for sure. Where do you buy yours from?

  3. I heard this herb is anti bacterial and anti fungal and anti parasitic…I am afraid that if i take it, it will kill all my good Bacteria aswell 🙁 do you have any info on this? Will I need to take probiotics with this?

  4. I love your videos. I watch them often. I would love for you to show how these herbs are mixed. Maybe a portion in your kitchen would be beneficial. Most people learn from visuals. Thanks so much. Your info is very important.

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