6 months w/o Marijuana Addiction (Tips On Quitting Weed) Inspo By Stephen A Smith: Stay Off The Weed

Boredom will KILL YOU when you’re trying to quit smoking weed. Based on those that i’ve worked with you gotta stay busy while you’re going through this weed …


  1. If you’re reading this simply comment “weed ?”

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    These videos will be helpful and relatable as well with regards to the topic of ridding yourself of your weed addiction ???

    The REALITY Of Weed Withdrawal Symptoms After 5-7 days WITHOUT Marijuana (STRANGE, BUT TRUE) https://youtu.be/8ePgK7ZEw58

    Quitting WEED Cold Turkey After YEARS Of Smoking DAILY (Techniques That WORK) https://youtu.be/VRs_wfsm_yI

    Quitting Marijuana (Pot Causes Cancer?!? ??) – Reasons to Quit Smoking Weed Ft. CopperCab https://youtu.be/0Cod0Qa4OGQ

  2. Smoking while watching lol ? but I’m gonna quit. Wish me luck… Mary Jane is all I think about. It sucks and honestly the thc doesn’t really affect me anymore. Pens dabs flower nothing. But then again you ask why we do it. Cause it makes everything more fun. But I’m passed the stage of it being fun anymore.

  3. Nah… I'll never stop smoking weed. Then again I'm not addicted to it either. Haven't smoked in three months now. I only smoke when I feel like it. Been doing so since I was 14 & I'm now 26.

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