A Doggy Door for our Nigerian Dwarf Goats! | Alaskan Homestead Vlog

Can we convince our goats to use the suspicious new door we installed on the barn? They’re not so sure about this. Thank you Patrons for making the …


  1. Great work. Tidy job as always Charles. My wife think that Charles could fit through that door easily. We all would love to see that lol. But glad to see you all Vloging more. Really love your videos looking forward to the start of the veggie garden.

  2. HAHAHAHA….Charles! That was so funny you sticking your head through the door. I wasn't expecting that and got such a chuckle. Gosh the goats are looking magnificent lately! Their coats and eyes…man, they just look so healthy and happy! I love the door and it was so cute seeing them come through it. And as always, I love listening to your hens. I could listen to that all day long.

  3. I love your videos but they also make me so sad sometimes. I follow a few homesteaders in Canada and Alaska and I absolutely love all the content. Yours as well. But it reminds me also I'm in the wrong life. I didn't create the right life for me and my family and because of money I will never be able to get there. I wonder if anyone else feels like that. Thanks for the update and Im excited to see your third garden being planted and grow and blossem. I wish you and your family the best of a lifetime over there. Stay well. ?‍♀️

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