A Florida pot doctor talks about marijuana as medicine

Dr. Michelle Weiner is a South Florida pain doctor who prefers to prescribe her patients medical marijuana instead of opioids. One of her patients, Paul Messer, …


  1. I have really bad anxiety and moderate depression and when I smoke it helps. But one day I came home high and my parents got mad at me for doing it but they don’t understand the relief it gives me. I can even concentrate better while doing work.

  2. Medical marijuana is a joke in Florida. And the Floridian are stupid. They don't want recreational Marijuana because is a monopoly. Will guest what? Floridian just give all the monopoly to them 1%, like a dumb ass?????. When they should vote for recreational marijuana and give everybody the monopoly…. I live in Florida and I could say Floridian is some stupid people's I ever seen in the US. Dumb Ass!.. ????

  3. God bless this man we have all fell victims of b.s. laws on Cannabis and we are not criminals damn it!.
    Vote for Trump 2020
    To legalization of medical and personal use of cannabis!.

  4. There is an elderly lady in Wales who grows cannabis and sells it to the other elderly people in the village. After several arrests she told the Judge, as long as every one was pain free and happy she was never going to stop. The police just ignore her now and let the happy pain free village live in peace. True story. ?

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