Alabama Jones & The Marijuana MTA | Can We Talk About It?

420 #NotreDame #MTA 1. Margaret Chokes 0:25 2. 4.20? 4/20? 420? We discuss our thoughts on Marijuana. Should it be legal? Hear how Margaret …


  1. The name of the porn Margaret was referencing was Big Bad Grannys. As promised, this is my NO SPOILER review of the porno.

    Overall, I give a solid 7 out of 10. The cinematography was technically sound and the scenes were well directed. Grannys put in a lot of hours sticking the landing on a lot of shots (PUNS!!!) and the behind the scenes look and dvd commentary just adds to the piece. Biggest drawbacks had to be a few editing hiccups, the sound quality could have been improved and of course, eww Grannys. Not personally my thing, but if you like em old, bold, and full of mold this one's for you. Find it now wherever porn is sold ???‍♂️ or illegally downloaded from the internet.

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