1. Hi! Could you tell me in which section of your channel are the videos of people who died from conventional cancer treatments? I can´t find them. Thank you and greetings from Argentina.

  2. Your not up to scratch on contract law or the difference between legal and lawful. I documented removing a caner from my nose using cannabis oil and sent it to the irish minister of health, who doesnt stand under his oath to serve god. I eliminated terminal cancer, never stopped smoking. Ate all sorts of crap, went to bed late, am a single dad and my 9 year old is autistic. Blood tests cam back clean after 9 years but I hadnt had another test for three years so I dont know when it went. All documented. I did no treatment but came up my own plan. I called it the I dont give a shit plan. People have ask themselves where their energy/ focus of stuff is at. The terminal cancer was follicular lymphoma. There is no such thing as terminal cancer, just incompetence masquerading as competence. A doctor serves a contract obligation to the licencing board. He does not serve your interests. Like a lawyer swrves the court, not you. The court is really a bank, and you are all slaves. The police are a private company just like mcdonlds, bit they swear an oath to protect you and then deny their creation of god and sign contracts with corporations.

    Let shit go and be friendly. Friendly is healing. Imagine the change. Learn breathing techniques. Stop thinking about you. Nearly half cancer deaths come from malnutriyion, you stop eating. Cannabis is great for that.

    And lastly, dont be afraid. One day you will die

  3. When someone has done both chemo and radiation and doctors look at them and tell them they're going to die in 3 months what do you expect them to do. it's obvious that modern medicine isn't any help. i remember having an infection and had to antibiotics for 15 days on the day the pills finished the pain came right back. it was a good thing i had read up on some natural remedies and used garlic. In 2 days the pain left. Not everything a doctor says you believe as if its gospel that goes for those who tell you about natural treatment as well. You have to decide and see what's working with your body.

  4. Although this is unlisted on YT. Chris still has it linked from his website so maybe YT made him unlist it. He says on the video notes "Two years after healing stage 4 breast cancer, April was diagnosed with liver cancer. She passed away on Tuesday February 12th 2019. I will amend this post when I have more information." So he's not exactly hiding it there

  5. Bottom line, it was her choice in the way she chose to treat her cancer. If she had a better quality of life by choosing to fight it naturally, I say good for her! I've seen the horrors of people doing things the doctors way. And it's not a bed of roses! It's horrible for the whole family to watch. And the patient is left with no hope from the medical community. They stand by and watch this person die a slow and painful death. Doctors don't know everything.

  6. So April died, and I did watch the interview video Chris had with her. Yes, not everyone, even those that don't do conventional therapy survive cancer. (around 90% survival rate for natural therapies). BUT, how many more die in the hands of conventional medicine?? (survival rate is less than 90% for sure). You just have to look at the numbers/statistics… but even more, you have to follow your own path and what you think is right for you. Chris interviews people who have had remission but many of them, he doesn't even work with and doesn't claim to agree with their therapies…. he says to "concentrate on the common threads". If I had cancer, I would review the entire interview and all that April says and try to discover what she is missing – why didn't it work for her? Was it not trusting the doctors or knowing the names of every bone that was infected?? Or was it something completely different??

  7. I’ve just discovered Chris’ channel. I’m currently trying to heal myself from Grave’s Disease (or at least put myself into remission). Although I definitely intend to change my diet and follow many of his recipes, your video has opened my eyes. I will not completely turn my nose up to modern medicine. I will use logical, rational, and scientifically based decisions when it comes to my health. Thank you for your video.

  8. This is a propaganda video, Cannabis has and does treat many medical conditions including cancer, I've seen it work several times, "Addicted To Ignorance" is exactly what you people who buy this shit are. Dude, you're a terrible propaganda artist, give it a rest. Google "Cannabis and Apoptosis" and get informed, you're lost

  9. I KNOW people who have taken cannabis oil for their cancer.. they changed their diet and detoxed their system..  years later they are cured.. some in remission..  NO chemo.. so don't throw  everyone in one slot..
     you don't know the medical records.. so you are just guessing..

  10. Another spin. Someone's paying you to spin. She was going to die anyway, she lived much longer and much more free of pain. Her surgery was for the accident, NOT the cancer. She was walking BEFORE radiaton which made her lose bladder control. But w/e. Basically you pick your 'poison'.

  11. This video is ridiculous. First…. do you really have nothing better to do than pick out a couple of unfortunate cancer patients who passed away? And secondly, most importantly have you looked at the success rate of conventional cancer treatment in the last 50 years? It’s laughable. How many cancer patients are put through grueling conventional treatments with horrific side effects only to later die?? It’s a scandal and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  12. What chris wark is doing is helping cancer patients with hope by sharing success stories and information what have healed people from this horrible difficult to define behavior of disease. There are survivor interviews that lived 15years and more and still alive, but there are stories where some did not make it longer than 5 or 10years. Maybe we can learn from these and keep researching what would have caused it. But to be fair, neither conventional nor natural treatment does not have guarantee of long life after cancer, so let the conventional medicine survivors speak for themselves, and let the naturally cured cancer survivors also speak for themselves for the truth they experienced. And let the crowd of cancer patients choose which option of truth theyd like to choose to treat their disease.

  13. Cancer is a very invasive, systematic and at the same time personal disease. Going to root cause including emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing, apart from nutrition and other source of treatment allows the body to truly heal. The people who got cured from cancer and lived 10,20, or 30years more are those who committed to complete lifestyle change and have accepted God in their life and submittrd their emotional burdens to God. There is a deep cause of cancer in someone and its a personal experience. Its not only nutrition and treatment. Its sad that april didnt make it. She tried both conventional and natural. They say it takes 2-5years to completely renew the body, perhaps something in her lifestyle trigger the cancer to comeback and when it does, its normally stronger. RIP april. You fought a good fight. God bless your family

  14. I have no idea how to do research on these things. I don't have the time to do this. Yes. I take him at his word. You seem to know all about these scam artists. I guess you have the time and the know it all to do this kind of research. When you see people supplying research do you look it up to see if it is correct? Where do you find it??? I would like to know. Maybe I'm missing something? I will see if I can find anybody else on line who says that Leonard Coldwell is a scam artist. Do you think that Paul Nison is a scam artist too? He backs up Dr. Coldwell. For me, youtube is a way to show me how to do things I might not know how to do and to learn things from people. You seem to trust the medical field. I trust people and yes, the things they share on here.

  15. Have you known anyone who died from cancer and was treated by doctors? My dad had a drop of cancer in his bladder. I knew many ways to help my dad when he was diagnosed, but my parents, who were in their mid 80's at the time believed in doctor's so they put their trust and faith in this oncologist. He started my dad on a very invasive treatment. He put Tuberculosis into my dads bladder through his penis. He told me that Tuberculosis kills cancer (my mom didn't know. She never questioned him). This "treatment" lasted for two weeks. Then to everyone's surprise the cancer spread to my dad's kidney so of course it had to be removed!!!! He seemed much better after that, but about a month later he was complaining about back pain. Back to the doctors!!! Now they found cancer in his pelvic and back bone. My cousin, who is a doctor, told us that he needed radiation. I had suggested an IV drip of vitamin C (one of many options), but my cousin told me that because my dad had one kidney he didn't think my dad could handle the large does of C. I had bought apricot seeds to give to my dad because they were suppose to kill cancer cells. He did take a couple of them. After my dads passing I gave the apricot seeds to my moms neighbor who had throat cancer. He claimed they helped him. However, he would not share this knowledge with anyone. He is a consultant to people who have dental practices. I heard that doctors can lose their licenses if they recommend forms of therapy other than the conventional ones. What a shame. After the radiation my dads hip collapsed and he became bed ridden. He died about two weeks later. I remember going with both my parents to the place where he was going to have his kidney removed. His oncologist was telling me that he was treating my dad like he was his own father. I was so angry!!!!! I always wonder what I would do if I saw this doctor again. I truly would like to hurt him!!! I had also met a group of young doctors in the elevator and I started yelling at them. In my opinion doctors are clueless when it comes to cancer. I suggest you look up how the MD program started and how it is still going on today run by the Pharmaceutical companies. At the time my dad was going for these treatments I looked online to see if there was any information about them. I found a Youtube video about a man who refused this treatment, went to a clinic in Mexico and was cured.

  16. I bet it makes your heart sing that another one of Chris's cancer testimonies has died. But what's interesting is that you never make videos on any of Chris's testimonies who cured their cancer naturally and are still alive. Hmmmmm.

  17. Dude, you’re not some Savior, pls don’t inflate your ego, and you should be thanking Chris and April for giving you material to add to your rinky dink channel. IMO, you’re worse than either of them as they advocate for FREEDOM OF CHOICE. End of the day, that’s what it’s all about. And I guess for you, it’s all about the clickbait. Goodbye ?

  18. How sad!! This is why you’re not allowed to stop making these videos. People need to know the truth! And sadly, how many more people must die before we finally wake up and expose these scam artists for what they really are?

  19. I bet you wouldn't have enough hours in the day to post videos about people who had chemo and eventually died or were killed by the chemotherapy. I bet you would even encourage people to not do anything healthy when healing from cancer…just the chemo just the radiation…continue on with you soda and chips and BBQ . Continue on with your negativity. Chris cant control if any of these people live or die for years and years after his interviews no more than a physician ordering chemo can. So if some blame guilt lands on Chris for being the vehicle for her to share her story …..do the doctors who's patients die a year later after conventional treatments..should they receive any blame or responsibility?

  20. Thank you for your video! My Mother died 63 years ago with breast cancer at age 21. I wish she would have had access to a team of doctors that were willing to try and save her life! I can’t say enough times that people should not believe one source of information! The Internet has opened us up to a vast world of information! If a loved one is dying from cancer please research all avenues of care! God Bless You for taking your time to provide factual information! I’m sure you have helped to extend or perhaps even save lives because knowledge is power! Please continue with your posts because your information is greatly needed!

  21. I serendipitously came across April a few months ago and learning she was a breast cancer sufferer, I went from link to link and learnt that she had been diagnosed with HER2+ ER+ breast cancer that had metastasised to her bones thus making her stage 4 from diagnosis. I also was diagnosed with the same BC but was stage 3 as it had metastasised to my lymph glands.

    This is an aggressive type of BC but in saying that each and every doctor from oncologist to surgeon to radiologist all assured me that as it was aggressive, it would be treated aggressively and survival with the new wave of targeted therapy would be excellent..

    A lot of what April says just does not make sense. Even being pregnant and not being able to be scanned is of no consequence in diagnosing her type of cancer. A fine needle biopsy can immediately diagnose HER2 with no damage to the unborn child. I wont believe that her medical team were so negligent but what I do believe is that her arrogance and total disrespect for highly skilled professionals was her undoing. Cannabis oil can help with the side effects of treatment but curing HER2+ is just not possible without targeted therapy.
    April did not die from liver cancer, it was the BC that metastasised as HER2 is know to go to the 2 x ‘B’s – brain and bones and the 2 X ‘L’s—liver and lungs. There are many stage 4 survivors using targeted therapies without the chemo side effects that make living a near normal life possible. I am one of them! Shame April and Chris are too arrogant to put some trust into science based medicine and have no conscious that they take vulnerable people down the rabbit hole with them.

  22. omg "cannabis is, after all, a drug of abuse". come on man, think about it, thats a "man made term of words" – its a definition made by law makers, not nature. Do you think the molecules in our bodies, or in the cannabis plant, all start behaving differently in terms of whether they can fight cancer or not just because lawmakers have stated that cannabis is a "drug of abuse". Your arguments here are laughable and make no rational sense at all.

  23. what a dumb video . why dont you put your face to this? you sound educated – a doctor maybe? youu even use a stock image without taking the trouble to remove the watermark. Is that because you were too tight to buy the photo, and hence shouldnt be using it? Or you just forgot to remove it? Look, chris wark is NOT a doctor, he is making people aware of alternatives, thats all. And bringing that to the publics attention. Like many of us who are fed up of being lied to by the medical profession. If this woman died, that doesnt mean it is chris wark's fault! What the hell? If some people who he has interviewed have died, it could be for any number of reasons- maybe they didnt continue to eat clean enough, maybe they lived next door to a cell phone tower – could be hundreds of reasons! Eating clean veggies and fruit is always going to be a better bet than toxic radiation or chemotherapy. But yes, unfortunately, some people will still not make it. But if theire final months were better than they would have been if they had had chemo, thats still a positive thing in my book. And sorry, i didnt hear you tell the viewers how may people die of chemo or radiation every year? Hundreds of thousands per year, perhaps? Are you just going to ignore that fact?

  24. According to her blog she had hormone sensitive breast cancer not pancreatic cancer or glioblastoma , there are a lot of treatments for that kind of cancer (even for stage 4) to prolong live, she probably was really hurt by scumbags like Chris.

  25. In Chris Wark's Chris Beat Cancer Facebook page, in a thread about April, I commented suggesting that Wark ask April's sister about a new tumor in the opposite breast from the original diagnosis. My comment was deleted. The clock is ticking Chris Wark. When will you update the Youtube video to reflect truth and when will you update the blog post to reflect the whole truth?

  26. In the Facebook group April created and adminned there are four other people, regular posters, who have died in the 8 short months that group has existed. April makes five. Cannabis does not cure cancer.

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