Are my cannabis plants ready to harvest Sundae driver,purple punch

hi guys as a new grower i desidd to make this video, due to my inexperience i needed help with harvesting or knowing when to harvest they have been in flower …


  1. Man I go by the old adage "when you think they're done, give 'em another week"… I personally never harvest my plants until I get that final massive swell. I believe that the trichomes on the outer portion of the buds only tell half the story… There are inner buds that have trichomes on them and it's my belief that they age a bit differently. When breaking open a bud I notice that the trichs on the inside have a different appearance from the outer ones so I think it's fine to let your harvest go a bit longer in order to get that final swell.

  2. if you check trichomes you would at that point it could be 100% clear or cloudy meaning you have a month or so left. so yeah all about your enviroment affecting the trichome maturity

  3. Hey I'm on day 88 since switching to 12×12 I have 5 plants all growing at the same time same size no really noticeable differences they took about a week and a half to preflower but the but I don't think there ready yet the trichome on the outside are about 70/30 cloudy to clear with no signs of any amber ones. It's superskunk from sensi seeds not grown this strain before and this hasn't happened on my other grows. Should I just let them keep going and let the plant tell me when it's ready? They vegged for 2 months from seed on 18×6 I'm using a 2800w led with cob leds built in, it's supposed to match a 1000w.

  4. Ave just done my 1st auto flower outdoors , 2 plants lasted me all summer, I set them off inside an they was in bud for 6 months, they slowed down after summer an buds started to rot , it was nice as fuck I used a bit of plant food for about 2 weeks an all they got was water, I have been growing for a good 10 years an half off the feed the grow shops say you need is Bullshit, all you need is air pots made fat an trays an a water tube , I have , I can get most of the shit for free by asking people that have just cropped for light s an fans etc , because there buzzing with 10 20k an want shut ,

  5. Those are Beautiful flowers! Trichomes are the way to go, and depending on your preference of heady buzz or couch lock. The % varies on strain. So experience is the key! And I have very little in growing. ???

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