AURORA vs CANOPY Which Is The Better Buy? ?‍♀️

Aurora vs Canopy Which is the Better Buy? ?‍♀️- RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 18, 2020 – WHICH STOCK IS A BETTER BUY IN YOUR OPINION RIGHT NOW?


  1. I feel like ACB has more risk but way more upside at this price. I’m hoping Aurora is showing they are listening to the people with the restructuring of the company and lower priced products along with premium products.

  2. First and foremost Canopy-(world wide category creator of WEED). Have cash and building HUGE. I Like ACB; however, they are heavily in debt and the share structure is too diluted.

  3. I have a couple of thoughts on this.

    1. Canopy does have a low end brand that is cheaper, TWD . 22% THC Sativa 7.37 a gram tax included. It is not 4 bucks but it is enough to squeeze the black market a bit. Speaking of the black market, the legal system has already taken away 20% of their business and they have not really even opened any stores yet. It is already squeezing the black market because the unlicensed dealers are slashing prices (and their profits) to compete. They did not used to sell an ounce for anything close to $100 before the legal market started only just 16 months ago. You can hide a grow op but you can not hide a bottling plant or a candy factory as easily so I really do think the black market days are numbered.

    2. Anyone consider buying Acreage? As long as the US legalizes in the next 6 years Canopy has to buy them and 1 Acreage share is worth .5818 of a Canopy share. As of today, 1 Acreage share costs $5.20us the value of that share would be $12.76 if it went today. The conversion would be an arbitrage of $7.56=145% gain! I do not know why no one talks about that. If there is a reason I would like to know. The only down side I could see is if over the time we wait for the USA to catch up with the rest of the world Acreage, which is in 20 states somehow became more expensive than Canopy then the conversion would be a loss but you would still hold part of an enormous company. Barring funny business, that would be a better gamble than Aurora. Or take what you would spend on Canopy and split it between Aurora and Acreage and then you win both lol!

  4. Canopy in the short term!!!! ACB LONG.

    ALSO RICH, can you do a video on the strength of thc in aurora cannabis vs CGG.

    Since you live Canada I would love to see an upclode product review if you could get your hands on anything bud from the dispensaries

  5. Advantage Canopy right now Rich with billions in the bank, Star power names and a global giant in Constellation behind them. Also Klein is well established and a wealth of experience, ACB doesn't have Leadership guidance. Right now I'm 100% behind Aphria I'm waiting on CGC to see what next quarter looks like before I buy. If it drops to 15us I'll take a small position.

  6. ? wow. The word arrogant came to my mind. I remember when espn sports network said the same thing about their cable price when analysts questioned them about their market pricing , and later expn lost an embarrassing amount of market share when customers dropped them over their price. Hmmm.

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