1. dam what am I doing wrong, Just started my first grow, started with seeds, about 2 weeks ago they sprouted, but nothing the size of yours, using a 900watt led in a 3×3 tent, temps low 80;s and humidity 70-80%, ph my water etc but stilll small after 2 weeks.

  2. Hey Justin, A quick question on transplanting please…I've learned that the actual size of the pot/bucket/bag is crucial in influencing the ultimate size of the plant, right? So, how do I determine what size grow bag to use for the final transplant? I'm a complete newb and I'm still theory planning. But say it was a plant in a 36"x36"x72" indoor grow tent with a pretty active 60s/40i strain…Does a 3lb bag sound about right for this setup? I feel like a 5lb bag would be too big, and a 2lb bag too small. Is my 3lb "Goldilocks" thought "just right"? Sweet vids! Thanks and Grow On!

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