Best CBD for Sleep – Can CBD Help You Fall Asleep?

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  1. Cannabis actually helped me sleep by shutting my mind up! I can't sleep bc my mind keeps thinking…but I don't want to get high? even though that's what gets my mind to get silent. I can relax but it's my mind that keeps me up. Do any of these help with that??

  2. As a chronic pain sufferer and disabled poor, it's been difficult finding one I can afford and work, thanks for the review will definitely look into, do you use any of cbd pain balms? If so which could ya recommend? I have found one of them that works very well but yet hard to get because everything so expensive these days

  3. I love that you reviewed several different CBD oils in different price points. I am going to have to watch it again to see which one would work best for me. I like the idea of cbd oil for joint and muscle pain as well. Sounds like it would be great for my husband who does labor and also has trouble sleeping.

  4. Thanks, I would like to try the $30 SunSol first before spending more. And you're right, the flavor doesn't sound all that great. Hopefully it doesn't hang around after brushing my teeth!

  5. After watching your review, I would say would like to try the cbdMD and the American hemp, without the melatonin, which I personally have bad reactions to. Plus they looked like might help in general with muscle and bone pain during the day.

  6. very informative video with tons of info i think if i had to pick one i would choose the CBDmd premium because you said there was no next day grogginess and you could choose the flavor.

  7. I take the CBD PM and it works great. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I will continue taking until it stops working but so far so good. The other choices look good too but i’ll stick with the CBD PM since its working for me and it priced good. Great comparison. Keep em coming?

  8. I have not given CBD a try yet but my husband has used the CBD with Melatonin. He found it very helpful to help him fall asleep, so he likes it. The American Hemp Oil that Cody talked about sounds like something I would really like for just general relaxation, but it is pretty expensive. Maybe the cbdMD would be a more affordable option for me. Something to make me "mellow yellow" (a shoutout to Donovan). Look him up guys – LOL!

  9. I love these comparison reviews! I would like to try CBDMD PM cbdMD because it is affordable. I need something to help me to stay sleep and wake up next day without grogginess. Thank you for the review!

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