Biggest August Legalization News Ever – Tyler from Canna Advisors Guests

The biggest cannabis news from August is discussed including the new social equity requirements sweeping the nation’s cannabis industry. Tyler from Canna …


  1. Hey Tom! I have been following your videos and news and I have been searching to get my foot in the door for over 5 months now (Since before graduating from UIUC). Like I said I graduated with a bacelors degree in communications and have been extremely persistent with my application process regarding a position as a Patient care specialist/counselor or entry level cultivator/trimmer. I am not just applying because of recent news, this is something that has had my interest for over 5 years now and originally sparked about 10 years ago when my mom was battling with stage 3 breat cancer and ended up winning. But during that time of her having cancer and me being a very techy kid for my age, I decided to look up remedies or cures for cancer because I was not aware that it is not easily treated. This was where I stumbled across articles talking about cannabis being able to slow the process of cancer cells spreading and I told my mom all about it. Ever since that time in my life where I was almost an orphan I have done research, had family members positively affected by it and successfully finding medicine that REALLY works. I have extensive beginner knowledge on cultivation and have seen cultivation in effect and all the aspect applied to a real grow operation. While I know this may not be the place to talk, I decided to talk about it here because of the reference to getting started in the business during the announcements. I have the passion, the skills and more than enough energy to deal with the high demand. My main question would be what can I do better? I have been intivted to 3 interviews and none have replied or have moved on already with their process. Now I know there are thousands of applicants for positions like this but it's hard for me to show that I am more than a regular hard worker. This business screams my name and quite frankly I have been extremely stubborn when it comes to applying to any other position than cannabis. Please help as I am running out of options and I know this field is missing someone as passionate and dedicated as I am. My name is Martin Ripinskas by the way, I connected with you on LinkedIn over a month ago if you wanted to message me there or even reach out to my email at
    Thank you so much for the great insight and bringing out these new news articles in detail over video and very very quickly I might add, keep up the absolutely amazing work, I know a lot but you really help me see the little details that other sources are not highlighting. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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