Biggest Cannabis Trade Show In The World!

Inside look at biggest cannabis and hemp trade show in the world: MJ Biz Conference. Watch how cannabis professionals work and play in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. Would be awesome to see it once but ultimately, these companies are missing the bottom line profits and these excessive marketing pushes are costly. Hopefully the return on investment is there for the retailers at the show.

  2. Growing Exposed is not in it for documenting history like Nate has done with this channel.. lol the guy is clearly copycatting the ideas us weedtubers asked for years, he is trying to profit by using native advertising as his main driver of the show, to promote his crony companies . i was the 1st follower pretty sure on both shows, and its obvious lol

  3. Another superb production. Im gonna have to visit one of these cons soon. Nick i was deeply impressed to see you talking to the guy from Growing exposed. What a communal gesture. Thanks Growers Network cant wait for the next episode ??

  4. This would be a good time to brush your grow crew up on fluences product lineup and all available models, trying to buy one from you guys the other week was a disaster… fluence offers 3 different sized and output models in the 2i series as well as the x and have a bunch of other products and solutions I don't even think you guys know exist, bghydro has almost all of their mounts / accessories available readily online and it wouldbe nice if someone out there selling fluence actually had an idea they offered different sized models for different footprint requirements…. its kinda crazy all this connectivity and information out there but when it comes down to the end user and consumers there really isn't much ………………. getting a hold of the info and offering their full product lineup and accessories is how you can not only help GH but Fluence take a foothold in the small scale craft cultivation market.

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