Brass Knuckles 900 mAh Vape Battery Unboxing and Review

Hey guys this is just a little unboxing and review of the brass knuckles 900 mAh vape battery. Please subscribe and check out the rest of my channel.


  1. So the battery light when plugged in is green the black adapter has a red light but turns back to green then red then green? My shit ends up never being charged and it’s been two days now.

  2. Literally one of the worst batteries I’ve ever used. Get an Ooze battery or something if youre gonna pay the money. I’ve had this battery for about a week and you can literally hear the button wobble right out the box. It’s not a manufacturing defect because I bought 2 and it’s so insensitive legit you have to spam and press ridiculously hard sometimes to cycle through the modes. Garbage company w/ their nasty ass pesticide infested cartridges ??

  3. They also sell silver ones with good trim. I got the silver one from a corner store here in UPSTATE NY and it's never done me wrong. EVEN when I got it dirty from a fake leaky cartridge. Swabbed it and it works great still. The charge doesn't last very long though if your puffing all day.

  4. Very very good quality battery plus the usb charger is surge protected. And hold a charge for a very long time. Just bought a second today so I can always have one that is charged on hand. Definitely worth the 20$ it cost. The benefit I like about these pens is that they have a surge protector, as in once it charges it will be less likely to burn out your battery because of it charging still once it’s reached full battery, the charger that comes with this will no longer charge the battery once the surge protector senses the battery is fully charged. Where other companies even once it turns green to indicate full charge it will still keep feeding electricity to the battery to charge it, that is why most battery’s for pens go out is that it gets over charged and the battery is toast. An for the guy saying it is light weight. I literally think it is the best weight and less it would fall over any heavier of it we’re to fall it would break. I have dropped my already 2 times from a height of 3 feet onto concrete no problem

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