1. I put stakes in my containers and then attatch the trellis net onto the stakes. This way I can spin my ladies around for better light penetration, if you get what I'm putting out. It helps incase you have to get in your tent you can move them out.

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  3. Huge fan of your channel! I’ve learned a lot from your videos. I see that you’re using a warm mist humidifier. Do you use the warm mist? If so, what benefits/negatives does it provide to the plant?

  4. What up caligreen and fellow growers… question for y’all, I want to use some white clover to help with nitrogen intake with my current grow but have been unable to find plain white clover seed anywhere, I did however find red and white clover seed, does it matter that it’s red and white clover seed? Or does it need to be white only? Thanks guys happy growin ?

  5. I Always enjoy your grow vids, this one seems a little different than your usual grow. Did you notice any differences switching to coco, I didn't see your usual Mychorizae dosing either.

  6. TweetMint Plant Wash is an enzyme based product that is awesome with no harsh chemicals,
    I dip all of my clones in a light dilution of 1 – 2 oz. (2 – 4 tbsp) of TweetMint Plant Wash per gallon of water. This will take care of any spider mites, russet mites, aphids and fungus/molds etc. Nothing on the market compares. It is super concentrated and affordable. You can get it through Safe Solutions website, BuildASoil, Grow Green, Grow Generation and Amazon etc. It’s what I use and trust. Love your video and the content. They are very entertaining, keep them coming!

  7. Bro I know what you were thinking about that light height. It's like the square ??something rule for light. Lower height it creates a hot spot, higher height it evens the par or ppfd across the entire canopy even though the numbers are lower. Either way, been watching you for years, the green thumb is strong with you lol. Shes beautiful. Cheers cali native

  8. light height is all about diffusion and not concentration, the diffusion allows more photons to blend and a more even spectrum across your entire canopy, not sure what light hes using but assuming its cheap as fuck (under 500 american) and trash lol and u need more WHITE light to penetrate the darker areas of canopy. maybe I shouldn't say trash gets the job done, just way better stuff out there now. and if u look at big grows there all minimum 3ft away from the plants. heat and spectrum stress are two different things, and when your growing at home for personal, light is the biggest thing u can invest in.

  9. Hey Cali Green. I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and I love them! I’m a new grower and I did have a question to ask.

    The climate meter in my grow tent is very dim, and I have to manually turn on/off the humidifier and the heater in my tent. Would it be okay to check on my plants even though they need darkness? Or does it have to be strictly dark?

    Thanks again for your videos and keep it up!!

  10. 22:00 Hell yea man tell them straight! Almost everything i know whether its using strictly organic nutes, to my super soil mix that i implemented from your formula! So keep up with the awesome grows bro showing some love from the 671!

  11. Should line the bottom of tent with shiny side of tin foil, should help bounce a little light to the bottom of the leaves as well, will help with density!? That bubble bomb is looking bubblicious!!!

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