Building an Extension #3 – Suspended Beam & Block Floor

In Part 3 of Skill Builder’s series following an extension build it’s time for the suspended beam and block flooring. Generally speaking, there are two options for …


  1. Roger, I used the block & beams on my extension. The beams are slightly proud of the blocks (even with the slurry grout) causing the PIR insulation boards to rock. The Celotex website says to use a thin sand blinding to take out imperfections, but some say the sand will get moved around. Thoughts please?

  2. Wow, interesting way to do floors. Definitely not done this way in the U.S. I'm absolutely sure there is some type of reinforcing material running lengthwise in those beams.

  3. Great Educative video.
    Thank You Sir. Would it be possible to state the following
    1. Maximum long span of these beams between the supports.
    2. Maximum load which these beam can take .
    3. Maximum n minimum distance 2 adjacent beams.
    Thank you Sir.
    I have liked n Sibscribed your channel n forwarded it too to my students of civil engg. N architecture.
    Love from India ?

  4. Beam and block ground floor construction is in common use by the national house builders as dry construction means speed. I would have specified a 75mm fine concrete oversite on the dpm to ensure that the vermin aren't presented with a breeding hall and nursery. The beam and block suspended floor will still require insulation on top e.g 80-100mm polyurethane and then the floor finish say, 75mm screed over. This is just to point out that the slurry-ed blocks don't provide a floor finish. I've also specified beam and block for a first floor to give an excellent base for underfloor heating and a wet room en-suite not to mention the excellent acoustic properties attenuating sound from below.

  5. Approx $50 per beam for real? In US I dont even know where I would buy a beam like that if I wanted too… And even then its probably going to cost $200 each… If anyone knows where to get these in Northwest Indiana let me know!

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