Can CBD Oil Also Help With Pain?

In this video, author and mental health educator Douglas Bloch continues his research into the potential healing properties of CBD oil, and explores how it as …


  1. Full spectrum CBD oil helped tremendously with my chronic sciatic nerve pain and the depression that came with it. After a month of taking it 2- 3 times per day, I still feel some minor pain, but I'm no longer depressed.

  2. I'm in Canada and marijuana is now legal across the board. I am about to consult with a Dr at a Cannabis Clinic (paid by healthcare) about CBD oil for chronic pain and the anxiety that goes with it. I have also heard that a bit of THC present in the tincture will be more effective. Apparently we all react differently.

  3. Love the joke …..well cbd.oil.didnt really do anything for me …everyone I's different obviously …I tried different types of medical marijuana but it's just not for me …..great video as always Doug…..

  4. I use it daily, am Canadian and weed is legal, but I take just CBD oil only and it gives me side affects. Agitation is the worse side effect. When I ween myself off the CBD oil, it doubles my anxiety. My Psychiatrist warned me of this and I over looked this side effect, at the time. It also has no insurance coverage and is expensive. Yet, importantly with physical pain it definitely helps but emotional it unbalanced me. Am also taking Wellbutrin which gives me the same side effect, plus insomnia, increase anxiousness and a sense of boredom I’ve never experienced before. Lose of interest in everything yet I have over zealous high energy and I have to exercise it off, or I go crazy. It is worse and beyond depression. So am not sure which is worse the depression or high anxiety? Like mini panic attacks several times a day. So, it’s staying on medicine, including CBD oil and have all the side effects or struggle, as I have for forty years, as I had before?Educate yourself and do your homework about any drugs side effects, seriously because they all have side effects. Plus and minuses.

  5. I live in Maine and it’s sold in many stores , I’ve been trying it for health benefits , I will come back to give a little review on my thoughts . It states it helps with inflammation and Don’t most of us have some form of that !
    I’m very interested in this topic .

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